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New Digital FRER's??

Hello all,

I just saw a commercial last night for a new "digital" FRER.  Anybody see these in the stores yet or anybody try it yet?? Wondering if they're gonna be less sensitive than the regular tests like most digitals are.  

Good luck all!!

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WOW!!! That's big news for us poas'ers. I haven't seen the commercial nor seen them in stores. I didn't buy any this cycle since my chart is so crappy looking. But, I will check the shelves at Walgreen's to see if they have them yet. I hope they are still as sensitive. If not, I will stick with the stick, lol
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I haven't checked yet either but I was half asleep and the commercial woke me up and that was definitely something to wake me up.  I'm going to check their website but that sounds like that'll be the next one I buy if it's not too expensive.  I know it'll probably be a while before they report the sensitivity on peeonastick.com.  
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How cool! I love FRER!  
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"Unlike other digital tests on the market, the First Response Early Result Digital Pregnancy Test uses a proprietary gold technology that is so sensitive it actually detects two different forms of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the pregnancy hormone, including the variant hormone that better predicts early pregnancy. The sensitivity of FIRST RESPONSE technology makes it possible to detect the presence of just 18 mlU of hCG in urine. And like the trusted FIRST RESPONSE Early Result Pregnancy Test, the Early Result Digital Pregnancy Test detects hCG up to five days before a woman's missed period."

Read the whole article:

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$21.99 at CVS
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Check out my photos, I used the digi FRER to get my BFP.
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