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New cycle buddies May/June

Hi there!!
Here i am again, trying my 4th cycle and been 100% positive that this will ours BFP and will bring BABY or BABIES home for 2012!!! Im looking for buddies cycles that we can share our experiences, before, during and after the cycles!!
Yesterday i started bcp's on 3cd..just waiting for my new Nurse to call me so we can meet and give me all the new stims meds ill be using for this new cycle..im so excited but at the same time soo scared..but i know that trusting in GOD everything will be possible..we just need to BELIEVE & TRUST IN HIM!!

ME:26, tubal ligation
DH:28, perfect
DD: 8,7 & 4

1st IVF: September 2010 (failed)
Meds: Bcp,Lupron 10 units for 2 weeks then 5 units, Menapur 75, Gonal-f 150, Hcg 10,000 & Endometrin 3x
ER: 8 eggs
Fertlz: 6, all blasto, good quality
ET: 2, frozen 4 blasto
2ww: anxious, no symptoms, AF showed up one week early :-O....:-(

1st FET: December 2010 (failed)
Meds: Estrace & Crinone 1x
ET: 2 blasto
2ww: anxious,waking up middle night to go to bathroom
Beta: @13 dpt=3, BFN :-(

2nd IVF: March 2011 (biochemical pregnancy)
Meds: Bcp's, Lupron 10 units for 2 weeks then 5 units, Gonal F 150, Hcg 10,000 & Crinone 1x
ER: 7 eggs
Fertlz: 2 blasto then 2 slow embies = 4
ET: 3 good quality(2) morula (1)
2ww: breast tender, morning sickness, very tired, running to the bathroom wayy too much..
hpt @6 dpt =(-)
hpt @7dpt= (+) very faint
**early beta = 6 Yayyy!!! BFP!!!!!
hpt @8dpt=(+) more clear
hpt @9dpt=(++) OMG!! Is really positive!!.. O oh.started to spot and to have light cramps.. :( not good...called RE said is normal!! UFF!! got scared!!
hpt @10dpt=(++) Is there im preggo..Thanks GOD you heard my friends and my prayers!! around 10 am started to have severe cramps in my lower back and lower abdomen..OMG NOO!!..when i went to the bathroom there were lots of blood...went to the hospital..the told me i was running with a high fever,too much bleeding and cramping= early miscarriage :(...
Beta: 100 still positive
@11dpt=(++) wake up @ 5am with no symptoms at all!!!!!!!!!!! ooohhh nooo!!! blood is all over me :( im just drowing in tears..I lost them!!...
@12dpt =(++) still showing positive but no symptoms
@13dpt =(+) started to blurr
**Official BETA test= 43 :( it dropped
@16dpt =(-) beta 2, Its all over ..my 3 little angels with God...


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Hello! I am a June cycle I beleive. I just started AF yesterday and I have my first appt tomo with RE to start my first cycle. I will be starting BCPs hopefully tomorrow as well. I dont really know what to expect but im excited and feeling positive about this cycle as well. Hopefully this will be the cycle for both our BFPs.

Dh and I had 5 failed IUIs last year (3 clomid, 2 injectables) and we took a break for 4 months. Just getting back into the swing of things and this time for IVF.

Here's to hoping! Love and Babydust
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Hi there!!

Welcome back!!! I know its been hard cuz i've been there..but the good thing of this new cycle for both is that we are very positive!! Im glad we gonna be cycle buddies and i know there's a lot of ladies out there that will join to our new cycle and we all gonna have a BFP and a healthy BABY or BABIES!!

Keep posting so we can keep sharing our experiences and our changes in our lives with this new and last cycle...and i say last cycle because this is OUR TIME!!!!!

Love Jessy :-)
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Hello , a big welcome back, I too am a regular on here and we too are going for a 4th ivf starting 3rd june, my protocol and reasons for not working probably different to yours( I am older 41 years and only produce few eggs, although like you my first ivf did work but i had early miscarriage)Anyway we have the main thing in common, both wish this cycle to be the BFP one that stays there.
I have been taking dhea which is meant to help with egg quality and production, so only time will tell. I am on the short protocol, max dose of menopur and burserelin, and only get between 3-6 eggs, hopefully will produce that one good egg this time, thats all it takes. Both times that my previous other 2 ivf's failed , i bled form day 11-13 on the 2ww. Will be following your progress and will update when I begin my cycle beginning june time, my best wishes  to you both, melissaxx
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Hi there,

I'm on my fourth cycle aslo. Hoping for ER on Monday. Not sure if it's going to go ahead because my scan yesterday showed that my left side is an odd shape. Have to go back for US on Friday. He did say not to make plans for Monday though, so here's hoping.

Mel4141 - was just wondering what dhea stands for. Like you, I'm 41 and only producing a few eggs each time. Anything to help egg quality, endo lining and everything else. Have proven that it only takes one egg because that's all I got last time. BFP proved that it worked but something went wrong somewhere else.
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Hello, dhea is a hormone product(i'm from England and we cant get it here) so purchased off internet from canada, i've done my research and have nothing to lose using it going by my previous cycles, just want to maximise my slim chance of getting that "better" egg. Also most dr's in US and Canada and Australia reccommend it for older women with poor egg quality and production. If you google it and add fertility you can read more about it. This has to be our last ivf as we just have no more money, have spent over £16000 with out this cycle. I only had 1 egg the last 2 times to put back and cell division wasnt great so here's hoping for an improvement this final time in June. We did have a BFP ivf but endedin m/c, my very best wishes to and hope this will be your time too, look forward to your updates and progress, we're all here to support as WE know how extreamly herd the road is. melissaxx
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hey .. it looks like 4th time will be it for many of us .. I am starting my 4th fresh round (had one frozen too) in about 2 weeks time so procedures will be set for early june .. it looks like I'm in good company with familiar friends ..  always great to have good cycle buddies .. good luck to all for a smooth course!
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