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No Smiley on OPK...but a temp shift in BBT??

Okay friends, I am brand new to the world of TTC...I came off my BC pills and this is my first cycle out of the gate.  We are 29 and are being very deliberate since we've waited a little later to start a family.  Therefore, I am charting my BBT and using the digital OPKs with the smiley faces.  I have been pretty intentional about using the OPKs twice a day for the last week or so leading up to CD 14 (and I am aware that it could take several cycles for me to regulate after the BC pills and to even ovulate at all for that matter...I am just being "glass-half-full" and am trying to go ahead and get a feel for my cycle so I'll know how to proceed in the following months).

Here is where I'm confused:
CD 10 - No Smiley (6 AM or 8 PM)
CD 11 - No Smiley (6 AM or 8 PM)
CD 12 - No Smiley (6 AM or 5 PM)
CD 13 - I accidentally screwed up and was so tired that I peed WHILE I was opening my OPK...anyone else ever do this and feel like a complete moron? Anyway, I tested later around 5PM and No Smiley face...but technically I guess I could have missed my LH Surge if it happened earlier that morning when I messed up, lol :)
CD 14 - No Smiley ( 6 AM...haven't tested in PM yet)

The confusion comes into play when I look at my BBT chart (and listen to my body)...I had major cramps and back pain all day yesterday (CD 14), and then my temp took a big dip (from 3 days straight of 97.77 down to 97.27 this morning).  I've read that a dip like this in my BBT could indicate that I'm O'ing or that I'm about to O?

I guess I'm wondering if I could have missed my LH surge on the day that I messed up my OPK in the morning?  I didn't have a Smiley when I tested that afternoon, but who knows?  I will be BD'ing for the next few days just in case I'm right and the temp. shift indicates that O is happening either today or in the next few days.

Thanks for reading! Any thoughts?  Again, I know it's going to take some time for this to make sense...
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