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No periods, no pregnancy, no CPOS

I have always have very irregular periods. With the birth control pills, I regulate my period, but after I decided 2 years ago to get pregnant, my periods stopped. I took provera and didn't work, then I took for another month birth control pills and I had a Period. Then I had norethindrone, another kind of progesterone and It has been working to regulate my periods but I don't ovulate. So I took 50 mg of clomid for 1 cycle and it didn't make me ovulte. It is so frustating!!!!. I have had all kinds of exams and it seems everything is ok. has anybody has a similar problem. I don't understand why medication doesn't work for me!!!!,
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Did you ask your doctor about trying a higher dose of clomid? Some women need 100 or 150 mg before they actually ovulate. Good luck to you!
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I agree maybe you should ask for a higher dosage of clomid? Did you get an ultasound done to check for PCOS??? This sounds very similar to my situation. Good Luck!
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I've allways thougth that I have PCOS but all the doctors have told me that my blood work is ok and my ultrasounds are normal too. My doctor told me that if 50mg of clomid didn't make me ovulate,  a 100 or 150 won't work neither. She thinks I should try with injections, but only the word "injections" makes me become so scared!!!!. Thats why I will try again with 50mg of climid. Also, I will be far away from my doctor the next 3 months, so If I increase the dose of clomid to a 100, I won't be monitorated, and I think that' s dangerours because of the side effects.
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