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No spotting /bleeding after 15days embryos transfer but BFN

Hello ladies, this is my second ivf cycle, the first cycle was in June which failed after 9days from spotting to bleeding. But this time around I started my cycle in October and day3 of 4 embroys was transferred. To my surprise I don't have any spotting/bleeding this time but just little cramps and my beta day is today being 15day but what I got is BFN. Still no bleeding is there any hope for positive test.kindly advice.
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yes! It could still be too early for a positive result sweetie!  How many days has it been since transfer?  Oh, 15 days.  Well, just hang in there.  I know it is so hard to be patient.   What did your doctor say about the negative?  Did he/she say to test again?  That you have no bleeding yet is a good sign, I think.  I know it is so hard.  You transferred 3 embry's so you have 1 left if need be?  But hopefully you will get good news.  Hugs.  How long did you try before you went to IVF?
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Special Mon thank you for your words of advise. I  have nothing left I mean embryo. They transferred everything. Well this is my 10th year in marriage. I really need my own baby. Kindly pray with me. Today makes it 16days now but with donor eggs.
My Dr asked me to do another test in a week time. As at now no bleeding yet.
Could I ask you for any updates, hun? I'm sorry for this late post. but you've mantioned they've put back all your embies. so this makes the difference to me, as it's always double stress. We've tried with my ex for 13 months with no luck. Broke up 'cause he even didn't want to investigate reasons. With my new dh - almost a year, so went straight to the fertility expert. The road is never easy to pass, soon we found ourselves abroad undergoing donor egg IVF treatment plan.
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