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No twins but 6w2d with the princess.

I can't believe it but I saw a heartbeat yesterday. I dark little round something with a heartbeat. I'm in absolute disbelieve that this worked, but out of two embryos only one made it. I asked if it could be hiding but the doctor said that it's impossible and that the embryo just stopped growing. Sad. But that heartbeat I saw looked super strong to me.
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Congratulations on the heart beat!  Were you pregnant with twins in the beginning?  Was this your first IVF?  I am considering IVF myself and trying to get as much info as i can.
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how many weeks are you!!? thas amazing to hear the heartbeat isint it? i bought myself a doppler so i can hear it all the time!! its the best thing i could have ever bought!! how you know your having a girl? im guessing your really early but i could be wrong.
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opps silly me i just re-read your head line...you are early..how you know its a girl? just wondering lol
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Happy Holiday
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Congratulations! That's great. what were your hormone levels if you don't mind me asking. My numbers are kind of high (I put back 3 embryos and my u/s is not until next week) so I'm very anxious!
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This was my first IVF. I did PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) to give me the best chances that the fertilized eggs do not have certain genetic problems. It also gives me the chance to know what the sex could be.

I'm not sure about how high/low the levels were, my doctor said they are exactly where they are supposed to be and that was enough info for me. My husband and me were both VERY surprised that only one eggs developed. We both thought it would be twins, but I guess that's just life. One is a miracle and my husband and me tried for about 6 years. I just came to the realization that the IUD made me sterile or something or that I was just getting too old.
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That is so wonderful.  I can't believe your first IVF!  Truly a miracle.  (-:
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I am glad your first IVF worked out!  Have a healthy 9 months!
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congradulations but sorry about the situation too. happy healthy nine months.
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