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Not stimming

Hi im doing my first ivf im day 4 on stims I went yesterday for bw/us had 16 eggs but none were stimming yet my dr thinks because im overweight that I should start injecting in the muscle not my belly. Has any one ever had this problem before???? Im a lil upset that the nurse who gave me injection instructions never told me I should put it in the muscle!!!!
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Hey there - Stim shots are subcutaneous and we give them to the belly fat, there is no such thing called muscle for stim shots, whereas progesterone shots are given to the muscles, probably you give them to the right or left of your navel, as you stay close to the ovaries, many overweight women do stims and its not a problem, so dont worry about it, as it is just day 4, it may be too early, by next scan, they would grow better.

good luck dear.
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Onlt HCG trigger and PIO shots were in the muscle, all stims were in the belly.

By the way, 16 eggs on day 4 sounds great!!!
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Thanks for your comments I seen a nurse yesterday who showed me where to take the shots she drew circles on my back area right above my butt she said woman with a higher bmi should injected them there. I go for bw/us tomorrow morning so praying for some stimming!!!!!
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