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November 2010 IVF-ers

Today September 23, I had my Beta result for my second IVF, it was negative.  My first IVF worked but then ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks.  I was really hoping this time worked but it didnt sooooo ...... here I am waiting for this menstrual cycle to finish and waiting for the next one around the end of October to start my 3rd IVF journey and Im looking for friends and November IVF buddies so we can share questions, knowledge and help eachother with the wait during and after this process.  Cant wait to meet you all.

A healthy pregnancy as a Christmas gift sounds GREAT!!!
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Hi everybody .I am new at this.I just strted bleeding on my day 12 of embryotransfer .I will go for test tommoow by no hope so far.That was my first IVF.Very dissapointing.Is anybody trying with frozen eggs.Is it work?
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Sissi2399: I wish you a very good moth before you start your stims in October hoping that you can relax and enjoy the nice things that are coming your way. As I won’t be doing back to back IVF I guess that I will start stims around the 20th November maybe. So I will be a few steps behind you to cheer you on.

Peppypeep: From your earlier post on this thread I assume that your recent IVF did not work? I am really sorry to hear this. I was not able to follow your progress as your journal entries were not accessible for me. I wish you the best of luck for whatever you decide to do. It would be great to do our next IVF together though!
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Thanks so much for your kind words.  If you want to read my journal, just place your cursor over my name and in the pop up box click on "add as friend".  It will send me a friend request and I will send you a note once I have added you.  Join the fun!

I hope you are doing well and keep in touch with your progress.  :)

Magggi: sorry that it did not work this time but don't give up, you can try again or ttc.  Lots of people have tried FET and it has worked - those embies just didn't this time.  Good luck to you, please let us know of your progress.  If you friend me, you can read my journal with my updates. :)
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Magggi771 - Welcome!!!!! know that we will be here to help you go thru whatever it is this infertility journey takes you.  We are all in the same boat. With my first IVF back in June.  I started bleeding the day before my beta and it was positive. Hold up till tomorrow and if it doesnt work this time, just know FET does work we see it here everyday!!!!!!!  Im so glad you joined us.  Keep us posted tomorrow

Purple - We will still be close to eachother my period shouldnt be till end of October and then you know how things work.  We will be cheering eachother up till we get this.  You know we need the cheering.

peppypeep - I read your journel, everything will be fine, stay positive!!!!! We are here with you praying for a great, positive decision from the doctors.

You are all in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!     XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
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oficial-negative result.I am sad today.Thanks everybody.Good luck
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stay strong!!!!! it will happen next time, stay positive, we are here if you need to talk
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