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November 2010 IVF-ers

Today September 23, I had my Beta result for my second IVF, it was negative.  My first IVF worked but then ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks.  I was really hoping this time worked but it didnt sooooo ...... here I am waiting for this menstrual cycle to finish and waiting for the next one around the end of October to start my 3rd IVF journey and Im looking for friends and November IVF buddies so we can share questions, knowledge and help eachother with the wait during and after this process.  Cant wait to meet you all.

A healthy pregnancy as a Christmas gift sounds GREAT!!!
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Hope I can join too! This will be my first IVF. I have my water sono on 10/13 and think I will be starting the Lupron soon too- just waiting to speak to Dr. this week. I'm a little nervous and I too feel like this is my last resort...

Wishing amazing things for us ALL!!

BB- Hang in there. I am in the same unexplained boat as you. It's awful.

docsaf- Looks like we will be very close in timing. You def have my support!

Good luck all.

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MEL - OMG I remember us together going thru such pain last time, I wish and pray for you every night, WOW Wednesday is tomorrow and Friday is just around the corner.  stay positive this will be your month and you will make it, you will see.  GOD is with us and this is our time. XOXOXOXOXO

docsaf - Hey girl!!! protocols are different and there are different meds too, this is my 3rd IVF ad for the past 2 I had the same meds.  They bring you in for a sono that early just to make sure your ovaries are quite ans asleep as they should be, then the stims meds come to play.  My case:  my Lupron started at 10 just like yours and then when the others meds come in, the bring it down to 5.  this is all there is in the morning, then the night comes and I had two shots at night, Gonal F  dose 150 and Menopur dose 1 ml till the day you trigger your ovulation wish will be 36 hours excatly before your retrieval, then that night you only need to do that shot, since everything else will be discontinued.  

Retrieval was NOT painfull at all for me the first time, second time was NOT painfull during the retrieval but after, I had cramps, the days before retrieval you would be going almost every other day to the RE office, since they need to keep track of your follies, for you know size and how many and things and blood work too.  This is not a good time for trips since you want to be close just incase things happen to go different, other then you and your dr are expecting it to be.  

Anything else please ask, we are here to help!

BB_1145 - Welcome to our group!!!! we love to see new ladies that can be going thru this hard times of TTC come in and join us, the more we are, the stronger we get, the easier it is.  Im also in my 20's.  Im 29 and Im trying for 2 years as well.  Good luck on this your first IVF.  It is hard, all the shots and meds, but is difenetly worth the pain.  Know Im here to help with any questions or concerns.

CarlaLP - Welcome and Good luck to you too on your first IVF, Lupron shot dont hurt, burn or anything but OMG the headaches are bad, they come and go, feel free to take pain killers.  Tylenol works good with Lupron.  Like I said before all we do is difficult but very worth doing if at the end of everything we achive our baby (s) and complete our family.

About me, please know Im praying for us all to succeed and make it thru this as easy as possible and to get that BFP and a healthy pregnancy and baby.  I dont start BC till end of October so I think you will all be before me.  I wish you all the best and LOTS AND LOTS OF BABY DUSTS.
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Sisi- Thanks for the warm welcome and the prayers :)

Supposed to start Lupron 10/22. Hoping that all of my blood work and sonos before that come back good and I can start on time!

Trying to stay positive!!! Wishing you all luck!!!!!!
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Sisi- Thanks for the info! I will see if the girls can reschedule the excursion for the prior weekend. How long did you take Gonal F and Menopur before the egg retrieval? Most of the schedules online indicate shorter durations then the one I got from the assistant IVF coordinator. The asst IVF coordinator indicated there would be at least 20 days between when I start stimming until the egg retrieval. Based on your experience, is this average?

BB_1145 and CarlaLP - It looks like we will all be very close in timing. I am also "unexplained infertility" - very frustrating. I am 37 but all of my tests have come back very normal. And my DH has great numbers. I'm sure there is a problem, but it just hasn't been found. I feel like if there was a known problem then we could possibly treat it specifically. What are your protocols like? I know there are a lot out there, I'm just curious.

For those waiting to get your results - good luck. SSBD to all!
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Gonal F and Menopur is a lot less then that, they always tell you so just in case you take longer to grow the follies you dont get discourage.  I always have left over meds because it takes a lot less then what they say, last time for me was like 8 to 10 days only.  You wwill be fine, dont worry.  

Please listen to my advise the best thing you can do is try to relax, no stress is the key to this whole thing, dont get me wrong I know is easier said then done but try.  Good luck and Lots of baby dusts.  Love to have you here, Iam the kind of person who posts evrything too, Im not doing it yet cause Im not doing anything still.  Thanks for all the imput, we all need it.  No matter how many time we do this, we are always like first timers, LOST!!!!! lol

Praying for everybody going thru this long journey
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docsaf- I hear you about wishing to find the cause and treating it. I too feel that there is definitley a problem but after two REs and every possible test- nada.

I am awiting my calendar in the mail but here is what I know so far: Lupron on 10/22 and supposed to start stims on 11/4. Not sure which ones yet. I spoke to the 'stress management nurse' last night and she indicated that the stims should only be 8 to 10 days, so 20 does sound long, but I agree with sisi that they are just exploring all possible scenarios.

Did you have a 'water sonogram'?

Stay strong ladies!!

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