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November 2010 IVF-ers

Today September 23, I had my Beta result for my second IVF, it was negative.  My first IVF worked but then ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks.  I was really hoping this time worked but it didnt sooooo ...... here I am waiting for this menstrual cycle to finish and waiting for the next one around the end of October to start my 3rd IVF journey and Im looking for friends and November IVF buddies so we can share questions, knowledge and help eachother with the wait during and after this process.  Cant wait to meet you all.

A healthy pregnancy as a Christmas gift sounds GREAT!!!
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CarlaP - I did not have a water sonogram. Unless my RE called it something different. For the IVF (compared to the iui), the only additional test I had done was another blood test.

MEL4141 - stay positive. 1 of my friends got pg on her 4th ivf attempt and the RE only transferred 1 embryo. You only need 1!

I start lupron on 10/11. The asst IVF coordinator said I would go in for my baseline on 10/22. I asked for an approximate timeline as to when the ER would be and she said the week of 11/8 - probably 11/8 - 11/10. I assume that the stimming starts the day of the baseline u/s. Maybe I am wrong there. Actually I just counted again and that would be 16-18 days of stimming so maybe she just gave me a longer duration just in case. My work schedule has been flexible, but it would be nice to id a few most likely days.

Have any of you used acupuncture along with your ivf? I am considering it and wanted to hear about other's experiences.  

SSBD to all! Good luck!
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I went to accup. all summer in conjunction with my IUIs. Both IUIs failed but I did like the treatments. They are costly and sometimes long (45 min.) but I figure they can't hurt. You hardly feel the needles going in and you have no choice but to relax while you are there, so that is a good thing. I have heard good things about doing accup. in tadem with IVF. I'm planning on doing it once a week throughout my cycle. I've heard it can help with some of the side effects from the stimming drugs as well. I say if you can do it- do it.

Any questions let me know.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your support, just phoned clinic as so anxious about our 1 embie, not great news , hasnt started dividing yet, (after 30hrs) embryologist said that is normal and will check tomorrow morning after 48 hrs to see if we can transfer, just doesnt look good, i thought the better quality embryo starts dividing quite quickly after fertilization, not feeling great, last shot , just have to wait till tomorrow, best wishes melissax
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After a very sleepless night, got the callfrom the clinic our 1 embie has divided!! so elated, only a 2 cell but at a 2 day transfer this is ok, the embryologist said it wasnt the best but certainly wasnt the worst, grade 2. Anyway after this added stress going to be so positive this is the special one, so thankyou all for saying a prayer and keeping me in your thoughts, best wishes to all, and updates as and when, lots love melissaxxx
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Hooray!!!!!! Your only fighter made it.  This is the special one!!! this is going to be your baby and in a couple of years you will be telling him how much he made you worry even before he was inside you.  Stay positive, this is it.  Your embie will make it!!!! I will continue to pray for you stronger then ever now, Grow special embie grow!!!!!!!  
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purple - Time is passing by!!!! We are almost there.  Stay strong,
Im here if you need anything.  Im so trying to stay strong and not to stress too much

docsaf - I have not try accupumt.  I cant afford to spend any more money, I am paying for my third IVF and all of them have been self pay..  so Im actually trying to save as much as I can.  good luck if you decide to do it.

ALL - Went to the RE yesterday and everything is se to start with my next cycle wish it should start around the 21st of this month.  Cant wait!!!!  I started baby aspirin this morning!!!! Praying that this is my and DH time for our baby!!!!!

Keeping you all in my prayers.......... Fertility and baby dusts going your way!!!!
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