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November 2010 IVF-ers

Today September 23, I had my Beta result for my second IVF, it was negative.  My first IVF worked but then ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks.  I was really hoping this time worked but it didnt sooooo ...... here I am waiting for this menstrual cycle to finish and waiting for the next one around the end of October to start my 3rd IVF journey and Im looking for friends and November IVF buddies so we can share questions, knowledge and help eachother with the wait during and after this process.  Cant wait to meet you all.

A healthy pregnancy as a Christmas gift sounds GREAT!!!
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MEL4141: I am so proud of your embryo and really hope that this keeps being a fighter! I am sending lots of positive thoughts and super sticky baby dust your way. You know it can happen. With a work colleague of mine things were very similar, only three eggs collected, only one embryo divided. Well the boy is now almost four years old.

Sisi2399: Glad to hear that you are staying strong. Hope you are doing really well. Thank you for starting this thread.

docsaf: I don't know if acupuncture helps. Let's hope it does!

As for me, my third round of IVF is still quite far away. I am hoping to start stimulation around the 20th November I guess. I am doing one thing differently. Having read lots about acupuncture I walked past an acupuncturist near where I live and just walked in to see what they have to say. And guess what? I had my first session today! It was a very quick decision but I just feel that it was the right thing to do at the right time. Acupuncture is probably the only thing I can claim back from my insurer, so that's why the decision making process only took like two seconds.

Lots of super sticky baby dust to all!
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Just a follow up sorry i have been out for a while i got a cold but good thing home reemidies worked quickly. I had my mock transfer done on 10/6 Dr says all looks great. However hubbies numbers are low. I will start Lupron on 10/17 Then bravelle on 10/30. expected retrieval 11/9-11/11. Then transfer 3-5 days later time is going by so fast i hope all is going well for everyone. Have a wonderful weekend! I will keep you all in my prayers. God Bless.
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Thank you all for your kind comments and thoughts. I think waiting for that call was more stressful tha my last 2 rounds of ivf. You see  this is our last chance, we have spent well over £14000, and when only 1 egg out of the 3 fertilized, that was our only hope. So to be told there had been no cell division after 28 hrs(although this is normal so the embryologist says, a late developer) we were just so anxious and full of fear we werent going to get to this stage, but our fighter came through and the next battle begins! best wishes to you all, I know some arent starting their next cycle for a few weeks but will be following you, lots love melissax
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Way to go Mel...!!!!! Stay strong, you lil fighter is def going to make it.  He has proven to you that he can do it, He is just like you.  A fighter!!!!!  Did you do your transfer already?  Know I have you in my prayers.  
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Helo, yes transfer was yesterday(2 day 2 cell-but he made it!!!) test day 22nd oct. Now the agonizing wait, thanks for your thoughts, upate as and when best wishes to you as always melissax
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MEL4141 - Happy to hear that you had your transfer. Good luck during the excrutiating 2ww!

Purple7374- I made an appt with the acupuncturist for Monday. Great that your insurance will reimburse you for it.

I went for my mock transfer yesterday and all went well. I guess everything is where it should be. I talked to the IVF coordinator afterwards and the asst coordinator was about 1 week off with the dates. I know anything could happen with the timing, but even having a likely list of dates helps me (and my DH) plan our schedules. If all goes well, the ER will be 11/2-11/4 and the transfer 5 (or 3) days later. My RE only does 5 day transfers unless it does not matter. This is my 1st IVF cycle and it will be so much longer than my iui cycles on injectables (24-26 days), but surprisingly I do feel like time is going fast. Maybe b/c I'm learning so much different stuff. Good luck and SSBD to all!
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