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November 2010 IVF-ers

Today September 23, I had my Beta result for my second IVF, it was negative.  My first IVF worked but then ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks.  I was really hoping this time worked but it didnt sooooo ...... here I am waiting for this menstrual cycle to finish and waiting for the next one around the end of October to start my 3rd IVF journey and Im looking for friends and November IVF buddies so we can share questions, knowledge and help eachother with the wait during and after this process.  Cant wait to meet you all.

A healthy pregnancy as a Christmas gift sounds GREAT!!!
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Mel - Im so happy you had your transfer, rest and relax.  Will keep you in my prayers.  Stick baby stick!!!!

docsaf - Im so happy your mock transfer went well, Is great that time is passing by quick for you.  When do you start Lupron or did you already?  Good luck and will continue to pray for you.

Baby dusts to all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just making sure we are still hanging in here and let you all know you are in my prayers!!!!!Lots of baby dusts going your way.
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I started the Lupron on Monday. My nurse said that this shot was the easiest shot. It's not hard (before starting injectables I thought they would be so much worse), but it is not as easy as Follistim. I feel like I have to push it harder to get it in.

I thought I was going to start acupuncture this week, but I am probably wrong. When I called last Friday there were many appts open on Monday and Wed. When I called back, all of the ones I could make were booked. I got the name of another acupuncturist from my RE. He doesn't think it helps with egg quality, etc., but that it might help with implantation.

This is a longer cycle than I am used to. It is going quicker than I thought, but there is still more than a week before I even start stimming. I'm excited to move onto that step. I tend to over-respond to Follistim so I'm excited to see what happens when we actually try to make a lot of follies. What does everyone do to keep busy?
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Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers, it is so stressful and such an anxious time,I am always on the look out for blood and its horrible, just dont want to bleed this tiem as has always been bad news in the past. I am now 6dp 2dt, test day next friday,best wishes to everyone lots love melissax
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well i am suppose to do have my ivf in november i am using a onor but might have to hold of donor started a new job
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MEL - have you POAS? I think is time for you to.  Good luck my friend!!! Stay strong, it will work this time.  Remember you have a fighter, your lil egg didnt give up, you stay strong for him too.

hoping4baby - Welcome!!!! We will be doinIg this one real close to eachother.  We gonna make it this time, you will see. Its very nice to hear from you again.  

You are all in my everyday prayers.  God is great.
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