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Numbers after 5 days of Follistim, Follies + IUI question

Hello- I went to the RE this morning for bloodwk and an u\s after 5 days of Follistim. I was hoping to have 5-6 good follies. And I did. But my RE said that he will cancel the IUI if there are more than 4. All 6 of my follies were similar in size and all were over 9 mm. I am taking a lower dose tonight and going back in tomorrow to see if any of them are growing faster. The nurse called with the results of the blood test and told me to lower the dose even more that the RE first thought. I can't find what these numbers mean at this point in my cycle - CD7, 6 follies 9-11 mm. Anyone know? Anyone have a similar experience?

Estradiol: 524
LH: 1.4  

I really don't want to cancle this cycle. I haven't gotten pg at all - and I had 2-3 follies released 2 months ago. I can't help but think the more targets the better.  

Thanks so much for any help.

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Does your RE have some kind of rule against doing an IUI when there are too many follies due to risk of multiples?
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I'm not sure I understand the reasoning why your RE would cancel if you have more than 4 follies... I just completed my first cycle of Gonal-F, and my follies changed sizes so much, it wasn't until yesterday (cd11) that we figured out how many "good" ones I have that will rupture - which by the way is 5. I had my iui done today and another one set for tomorrow at noon. There is a possibility that some of your follies won't make it to the size needed for it to rupture. In fact, my dose on Gonal F was low at 300iu for 2 days, 150 for the next couple of days, then 225iu for two nights in a row. I have a bunch of follies, but like I said, only 5 are ready enough to rupture... I hope this helps a little :-) Good luck to you!
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Before I started injectibles, my RE told me that he would not do an IUI if there were too many follies - I thought he meant 7+. Today when I went in, he said that he would cancel the IUI if there were more than 4 and 4 is borderline. I was surprised - I was hoping for 5-6 good follies. I haven't gotten pg at all, so I wanted lots of good targets. I have 6 follies 9-11 mm. He lowered my dosage to see if some would grow more than others. I was also surprised by how quickly they grew - I'm only on CD7. How big were your follies when you triggered? Did some follies grow "big" in the beginning but then not mature?
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I hope only four of them continue to grow at a higher rate so you only have four mature ones by the time you're ready for trigger. My RE is the same way...he prefers 3-4 follicles for an injectable/IUI cycle, but no more due to the risk of high-order multiples. Best of luck!
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docsaf: On CD7 I had a bunch of follies in the 9-11 range (I'm talking like 10!!), but 5 of them made it to trigger. Yesterday they were ranging from 18-23, and they grow more since I had my trigger and also O time... I hope this helps a little :-) Good Luck!!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!
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