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Anyone here dealing with OHSS after IVF?  I am now 7wks preggo with twins and have had mild to moderate OHSS....still having pain and abdomen is so swollen.....I look 4-5 months preggo.....am so ready to feel better.....
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SOrry to hear that but Please take it easy, take care of those twins.  
I have never had OHSS, but would think it's worth it to be were you are now.
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Thanks....doing somewhat better, but some days are pretty miserable.....
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hey there
               first of all biggest congrats hope all is still going well........ as for me just had icsi and due my bloodtest in a few days and already i've got a psitive urine test but my belly is sooo swollen its like im 4 months already with back ache and its affecting my sleep already. we've tried so long for this result but am slightly anxious about this... do you have any tips ? thanks

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I'm 23 wks w/ twins and at the beginning, I had OHSS (as far as how bad it was, I think it was moderate). There were days where I'd feel super bloated and other days where I'd feel ok. Once I hit like 12 wks or so, my body finally started to get back to "normal". Take care of yourself & best of luck!
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I got OHSS as well (bad nausea, swollen stomach which impacts my sleep and also force me to wake up in the middle of the night to pee as my bladder's capacity seem reduced...) and the nurse at my doctor's suggested me to take ionic drinks and egg white.  My symptoms seem to have relieved (but got new symptoms of mild cramps... which I hope it is related to implantation..).  You may want to try the drinks/egg white if the OHSS symptoms are still bothering you.  

Best of luck!  I still have a while to wait as I should get my test on the 29th...
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Thanks so much for posting certainly will try anything.... think i'm moderate too..... one month in and having to consider maternity clothes is quite funny really.... biggest congrats on twins and hope you are still well and also will send some implanty thoughts and good luck for the 29th to you wing12.
            drinking and resting seems to be helping as fell slightly better today ..... we must have super bodies to react in this way.... as overreaction is better than no reaction right?  Take care : )
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sounds like you are doing the right thing....fluids and rest.....I'm now 11wks....lost one baby, other one is fine.....still having symptoms from the OHSS.....now getting a little depressed because I have felt so bad for so long......trying to stay positive...
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hi i'm so sorry about your baby...... i cant imagine how that situation  would be....
       you know what i've had this for a week and i'm already cheesed off with it.... i should and am happy this has worked so far but really bummed out as it really is difficult to cope with.... i long to stand up straight. ... but on the other hand i'd panic if it went away.... you have been through alot and you have every right to be alittle fed up....  thank goodness for great hugs internet shopping and hmmm is that another gatorade..... hope you fit some smiles in tomorrow
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thanks so much for your kind words.....yes, it has been a rough 2 months.....I actually broke down yesterday and called my doc about getting off the progesterone and the vivelle hormone patches.....my IVF doc told me I could stop at 8 wks, but my OB wanted me to stay on it to 12 wks....as much as I want to do the best thing for the baby, I also have to feel great and positive to help things along too...plus, I have a 2.5 yr old daughter to take care of and she needs me to be strong too.....they let me quit taking it today, so i'm hoping that I will start to feel better soon.....I've got to get to feeling better for my sanitly and my families!

A BIG congrats to you on your positive results....sorry that you are feeling bad now too....it is hard to deal with, I never realized just how hard, but just keep in my that it is all worth it in the end, that's what I have had to keep saying to myself.....let me know if you have any questions......congrats again and thanks for the pep talk!
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hi there..... it sounds like you will be well on the way to feeling better ... i really hope so ... its great you stood it for so long with alittle girl to look after..... i would love to know if your symptons changed in severity each day with good mangement ? today i'm not too bad ie can stand alittle more straighter and i guess i'm just stressing that everything is going well until i can have my scan..... i guess we swap worries of am i pregnant to other worries.... thanks and good luck to you too
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Feel free to join us on  " May babies 2011"

good luck!
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Spec- how are you feeling now and how is your baby? I had severe ohss after 2nd ivf. It was so bloated that I had to get the fluids removed. You should be feeling better now. Good luck and have a healthy pregnancy!
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hi, i had serious cramping and nausea, had to be admitted  in hosp overnite for the pain, it was unbearable, it comes and goes now, i m 5w pregnant, 2nd IVF, my gyn asked me to take mild panado pain tablets and the swelling will go down, i cannot fit into any clothes and yes i do look 3 months preg with my bloated tummy.

Its all worth the pain, i think of it as a sacrifice for my baby.. good luck and be strong, rest and relax.

Baby dust to all
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Hi honey,i suffered mild OHSS during 3 cycles on clomid.It was not very nice at all.I had terrible bloating and my ovaries felt like they were going to burst.I had fluid leaking and it caused a urine/kidney infection,that was on the 2nd cycle.Then on my last cycle i got acid reflux due to the fluid leaking from my ovaries.It was horrid and thats why i decided no more clomid for me.I am still bloated but not as bad as it was.Really need to feel normal again and i am nearly there now thank goodness.Hope everything is ok with you honey and lots of love and best wishes from me.Bev xx
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