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OPK after Clomid

This might be a silly question, especially since I have read a lot about Clomid, but I am on day 3 of my first cycle (100 mg on CD 5-9).  When should DH and I start BD?  And do I need to wait to take an OPK?  I usually start my OPK on CD 10, but I've read that Clomid can cause a false positive if taken too early... any advice?
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As long as you wait a few days after taking the last pill, your OPKs should be fine. I think they suggest waiting 2-3 days or so, which would take you to CD11 or 12. Most women ovulate within 10 days of taking their last pill; and for those who ovulate on their own, it seems like clomid often delays ovulation by a day or two. Best of luck this month!
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i take clomid and i use opk and i get my surge about 5 to 6 days after the last pill is taken.the pack tells you that you should ovulate 5 days after the last pill is taken.i start testing 3 days after my last pill.some times on clomid i ovulate a little late so keep testing you will get your surge.and i dint start trying untill my opk said pos.
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my dr says no bding till round cd15 after taking clomid cd5 to 9. bd all u want til cd 11 then wait til cd 15 or 16 and then bd every second day. it worked with my three year old....
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Thanks ladies!  I usually O on CD18 without Clomid... so I will wait to start testing until CD12.  Thanks for the input! :)
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