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OPK vs. 7DPO Progesterone Test

Hi - My husband and started ttc last July. We sucessfully became pregnant in December. Unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage and had a DNC perfmored at 11 weeks. Since then (and during our previous efforts) I have been using OPKs. I am a 27 day cycle and the predictors indicate that I am ovulating around day 16. This has been consistent month to month, and though this gives me a slightly shorter luteal phase, I have had no reason to doubt the validity of the tests. However, I recently had my progesterone level tested at 7 days after when I "should" be ovuling based on my cycle length and again at 7 days after when my predictor is indicating that I am ovulating. At day 20 I my progesterone was 24.6 and at day 23 it was 10.9. My doctor says that this clearly indicates that I am actually in fact ovulating at day 13 which is exactly where I should be for my cycle lenght.

How is it possible that for almost a year of using predictors, that they consistently show my ovulation as being later. Also, this month I suspect that I had a chemical pregnancy (faint blue line for one day and then all days since, negative results). If that was in fact the case, can that have effected my progesterone results.

Thank you.
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It is possible that the opks are not correct. They are only about 80% accurate. I would trust progesterone over an opk any day. I would trust an u/s over progesterone tests. With 24.6 at cd20, your dr is correct. O is earlier than what the opks are saying. It is possible that the Lh is taking a little longer to show in the urine and by the time it does, it is already over. This can happen with some women.

Yes, a chemical pg would affect the progesterone level. It would be higher than if no pg occurred.

You may want to see if your dr will monitor your follicle growth by u/s on a cycle to see what is happening in there.
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As per my case opks were not showing LH surge from 2 months i was tracking from CD 10-20 but no LH surge .I thought i missed them but to make sure i had progesterone test on CD22 it showed 20.2 .Doctor said i was ovulating normal.Acorrding to progesterone i have ovulated on CD14 or CD15 but it dont showed on opk. So i cannot trust them 100%  sometimes they cannot track  as tina said.
  i have no idea of chemical pregnancy though so make sure with blood test and ultrasound for pregnancy.
good luck.
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