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October/ November FET cycle buddies

Hi there,

Just want to have some new cycle buddies for oct/nov 2012..i will b having FET done this month hopefully the 31st. After 3 IVF & 1 FET in 2 yr all had been failed. This lost my baby boy this Feb 2012  @ 15 weeks due to me having subchorionic hematomas. It was hard broken for me and dh but this time im so ready for this new experience. Im afraid due to having so many misscarriages and not knowing the cause but finally my re did testing and i have a FACTOR II MUTATION  that may be the cause of my miscariages 2 yrs ago.

This cycle my meds are...estrace 2mg 3x..baby aspirin..prenatals..pio 2x..lovenox 1x

Im praying for this cycle to be my miracle cycle and praying in God to have a heatlhy baby or babies...

Hope can have some cycle buddies to share our experiences together..

"Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully". 1 Peter 5:7
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Im not doing an fet this time, im doing IVF if you would like i would join you here. Im sorry to hear of your losses. I had 2 mc this year. One in May and another in August. My 4th Fresh cycle was cancelled due to poor response so I'm waiting to start another IVF at the end of October. I take prednisone, lovenox,follistim, menopur and now Bravelle.

Wishing you the best this cycle!!
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Good luck Jessy, hope your lining looks great and wish your miracle on her way soon. God bless.
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Ginger077...you more than welcome!! Sorry for ur loss.. i know its devastating i still cry my lil baby boy but i need to b strong for this new try...my last preg was actually a IVF..so far i done 3ivf's and now 2 fet... i had something similar when my 2nd ivf i didnt respond well to meds but then from day to another i was ready...for now im just taking estrace, prenatals and the baby aspirin then i will start on PIO and Lovenox...
Will have u in my prayers for this cycle to become a miracle and have a healthy baby or babies!!

babyhope...thanks very much!! im praying for another miracle!!
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I know it was really hard and im still dealing with the depression from this last loss. There isnt an hour that goes by that i dont think about it. I cant actually speak the words without bursting into tears. I hope that we both have the appropriate changes needed to be successful this time. So you had frosties left to do an FET? That's great, it's so much easier on your body.  Do you know how many you are going to transfer?
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Hi all
this is my story put short:
Me: 37
DH : 40
2003: baby girl
Then TTC with unexplained infertility (maybe due to thin endometrium and cervical stenosis)
Between 2005-2007: 3 failed clomid cycles, and 3 failed IUI's
2008: IVF -->BFP -->2009 baby girl
2011: m/c at 8 weeks ( natural preg)
2012 : FET done on the 14th of Oct-->and  praying
now on the 2ww

Im looking forwards to share thoughts and feelings,
Wishing you all the best
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welcome widsome :)!! praying for u and this awesome 2ww..lol..are u poas or u waiting for beta?? how many did u transfer? any prego symptoms?? Good luck my dear!!

Ginger... i been on mental counsling and sometimes i can do the sessions but sometimes i cant..every single month i light a candle next to his ashes at home ..its hard but i know our lil angels will help their lil embies sis or brothers to make us happier... so far i have 15 embies frozen from 3 ivf cycles..i know i have a lot but the last embies were the best in quality... ohh yeah this cycle is awesome..the only thing ive noticed is that ive been moody sometimes and very tired but its all due to the estrace..i will transfer 2 i did wanted to ransfer 3 but my re said like my last loss was due to me having subchorionic hematomas he afraid i might get another one and i can lose them all.. so he dont want to risk nothing.. do u know when exactly u going to start ur ivf??

as for me.. today i had my lining check and im almost 9! yayy!! im so happy but scared at the same time..i have a single factor II in my blood that might b the causes of all my loses and know i will start using levonox after my transfer date.. i dont have issues getting prego is that i cant keep the pregnancy ..im just praying in God that this miracle will happen!!

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I'm glad everything is looking good. I can relate to the scared feeling. It's hard not to think about what the outcome of the cycle will be. I'm hopeful that lovenox will be the missing piece to your puzzle. I was on it before. I had  huge bruises for weeks. Do they know when approximately your transfer will be? I'm expecting to start at the end of Oct. I'm hoping to transfer 4 again this time. We are most likely doing PGD too.

Welcome Widsmom
Congrats on being pupo!!
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Hi Ladies
I think i wont poas untill at least 12 after the et, My beta's are on the 27th of Oct.
Because i have cervical stenosis i had to take a medication that would open the cervix and thus the dr would be able to insert the embies, the problem is that the drug caused me some bleeding, my dr thought it was mainly cervical and wouldnt affect the transfer, but I'm a bit worried.
My other problem is the endometrium thickness, it barely and after an extened course of medication reach between 8.5-9 on the day of transfer.
I had 4 embies transfered, but one of them with a lower quality than the others, they are the all that survived the thawing no more frosties left, meaning if I don't get pregnant I'll have to do a fresh IVF

one week has passed of the 2ww so one more to go
wishing you all the best  
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Hi ladies...

Ouch bruises!! ;) i hate needles but i will do anything possible to keep my lil one or ones safety and praying God my body won't reject them!!

So far my transfer is schedule for 31st( my lil brother bday) ...im so freaking out w the PIO i was watching some videos on YouTube and i freaked out!! Lol!!

I wanted to transfer 3 but RE said too risky for me so will c...they change plans on the last minute..

Widsome... im praying for u and hopefully that lil bleeding u had was just implantation and your lil one is cuddle inside your uterus!!  You brave cuz im addicted to poas..lol...my last time i did it at 4dpt but that was a fresh cycle
.i dont know what to expect in this cycle.. i know so much that im afraid!!  Good luck on a high numbers the 27th!!

Praying for us 3 to bring a healthy baby or babies for summer 2013!!

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PIO shots are not that bad. I've done them for all my ivf's. If you need any help just let me know. I was running out of room getting to almost 10 weeks of them and estrogen injections. Lovenox fortunately is a tummy shot.
It will be well worth it to have that baby in your arms.
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Thanks jessy and wishing you the best,
I'm starting to loose patience and really want to do a hpt and poas, I'm now 8 dpo do you think I'll get accurate results if I do it now ?
What do you suggest I do? Poas or wait?
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I have gotten BFP's at 8dp5dt and 7dp3dt with FRERs.  Everyone is different though. Best of luck to you! It is really hard to wait till beta sometimes.  
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I poas and did the hpt, I'm now 9dp4dt. I got a BFN :(
I'll try to poas again but maybe after 2 more days.
If this doesn't work out for me that means I'll have to do a fresh IVF. Does anyone know how soon can I do it?
Good luck girls, as for me I'm still hoping....
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Dont give up hope yet!! I'm hoping this cycle goes your way but if you have to do a new IVF your RE may let you do it right away since your ovaries were not stimulated. I know my RE makes me wait out a cycle. I hope you get a BFP and don't have to worry about this.
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Hello everyone,

I would like to join you ladies if I could.  I am currently in the start of my cycle for a FET.  I went through an IVF process in 2009 and had a son in Dec of 2009.  I previously had a daughter "naturally" (not to mention the numerous IUI's, and failed IVF attemps in between)

I am currently taking 4mg of estrace 2x, baby aspirin 1x and prenatal vit.   My US for my lining is Nov 1st and if all goes well then a transfer of 2 embies on Nov 5th.

I can totally relate to you every single post...the needles, the head games, the emotional roller coaster that we go through, the disappointments the tears....everything.  But things can and will work out I have living proof, my little guy is almost three and I still look at him and say he was worth every needle poke I went through :)

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hello ladies..im sorry was not feeling good ..ive been feeling so tired and sleepy and the wors i ve gained weight :( i kow i will gain more weight after being preggo but this has been crazy..im always hungry..smh!!

ginger..im too childish w needles..lol...ive seen videos that girls put ice pad b4 the shots and she didnt felt a thing, so ive been trying that this saturday that i will have my 1st PIO...

widsome...dont give up just yet...sorry to tease u...is diferent a frozen from the fresh and u still early...i know a friend from another site that she did poas till a day b4 beta and was negative and her beta came back low 40 and know she over the moon cuz the beta is over 3000's...so not yet hun!!
im an addictive of poas but this time i will try to wait till after 7 0r 8dpt(will c..lol) praying for u and excellent beta!!

letha: welcome :)...im taking estrace 2mg 3x..baby aspirin 1x ..prenat..then pio 10/27 and right after transfer i will start my levonox injections(blood thinner)..wish u luck on ur next linning check..snd its exactly how u say..this is a rollercoaster..so many things our body/mind & heart has to go thru..that no one just us know!! we could tell our experience but not the same to b in it!!

AFM... will start pio 10/27 yayy!!! so exited...ginger have u used levonox b4 ur pregnancies or this is ur first time using it?? oh i did read your post and im really sorry for your loss and thanks very much for the first post u wrote to me :)

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Hi all,
Jessy I know what you mean by being hungry all the time I really believe its the estrace that is doing it for me, all those extra hormones running through my body is driving me crazy.

widsmom how is going today.  Hang in there those extra couple of days and then try again.  I know the ttw is brutally long and I'm like the rest of you just can't wait to find out.  

Ginger how is your cycle going when are they going to do your retrieval?

Sending lots of SSBD to you all.
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Hi Leatha sounds like you will be having your transfer very soon. Wishing you nothing but success!! FET's are SO much easier then fresh cycles. I do think its an advantage not stressing your body out with all the stims and stuff that you need to do for a fresh cycle. All the meds make me very sick and I have a very hard time keeping food down. I don't have problems with weight gain because of this.

Jessy I was going to suggest ice for you if you don't like shots. Hopefully this helps you. Yes I did Lovenox and baby Aspirin to prevent blood clots. I was on the baby aspirin before ER and the day after ER I started the Lovenox and continued it up until we lost our baby. I hemmoraged after my ER and my BP dropped but after a while I was able to go home. I'm hoping that doesn't happen this time. AF should be here soon and then I can get this show on the road. It will be nice to finally start and get this behind me.
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I know what you mean Ginger about the stressing the body with a fresh cycle. It is amazing what we put our bodies through isn't it!  I am so grateful that I still have some frozen embies left.  I am wondering how they will thaw and hoping that they will be okay.  Here's hoping that AF shows up soon for you.

How is everyone feeling....Jessy any thing else to report.....widsmom how's it going with you?  
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I know they say there is a possibility of them not surviving the thaw process but I've never known anyone to have this issue. My first cycle I had three make it to freeze and they all survived the thaw process. What did you have frozen? Mine were 5 day embryos. My clinic requires them to have all the characteristics in order to freeze them. I've recently learned of 3 day embryos being frozen. I want to try and remember to ask my RE why he doesn't do that. My embryos usually look really good at 3 day and die off by 5 day. I had a 3 day transfer last and made it very close to10 weeks with an abnormal chromosome baby. Now we have a whole different set of worries to deal with so I'm not sure when my transfer will be.
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Hi ladies ,
Im also on sep oct blogs but trans should be 7th Nov if all goes ok with scan next week, I was so lucky on my first go of IVF i got 16 embies to freeze,
twins on first go ,
bfn on 2nd and 3rd and this will now be my 4th FET, but only 3 embies left,
So i pray they thaw ok, and that good old mother nature kicks in to help me out,
So nice to hear such positive posts, just what we need,
Good luck to those waiting on Betas already, HATE HPT they are not 100% but so addictive, my husband pleaded with me last night not to get any in, i drive him mad, is it a line, isnt it??? squinting , holding it upto the light, turning it all ways to find a line lol,, blimmy i drive myself mad ha. But i cant help it, I just long to see it,,,
Will try my best not to test early this time , im just gonna believe im pregs til Beta.......  I like to live in a dream world for those 2 weeks atleast.

Feeling very run down this time round though, not liking all the drugs, with work etc i feel shattered and sick and hungry,,,,, Wishing the next month to fly past,,,,,,
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Hi ladies
Thank you all for asking I'm ok but feeling a bit down as I repeated a hpt today and its still a BFN, I'm 11dp4dt so i guess if I were preg it would have shown by now. My beta's are on sat so we'll see for sure then,

Ginger regarding the thawing i had 8 3day  embies and only 5 survived the thawing, returned 4 ( the ones with the better quality)

Jessy, I too have gained wight, feeling sleepy and tierd all the time too these are some of the side affects of the meds we'r taking just hang in there it will pass and hopefully your new baby will make you forget all this ever happened

Welcome leatha and tes645
Looking foreward to hearing good news
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Good evening ladies,

I had seven eggs for the last round but I used donor eggs as all my attempts with IVF's previously didn't result in any of my own eggs being viable.   I transferred two of the DE at the time and had a baby boy who is almost three now.  So now I have five frozen embies left and depending on how they thaw I will transfer 2 on Nov 5th if all goes well with my scan next week.  So here's hoping my lining is thickening up to make a nice cushy home for those embies.

tes645 we are very close in transfer dates.....I can't believe it is coming up so soon in one way and oh so far away in another!  Are you planning on transferring all three if they all thaw okay?  Whoa wouldn't that be busy with another set of twins!  And I so know what you mean about not feeling well with the meds.....the estrace is just killing me!  I have puffed out, gained weight, and am seriously moody...NOT FUN!  Here's hoping the time flies for all of us.

widsmom don't give up yet, those sticks are not always right.  Just keep it going until your beta on Sat.  I'll be thinking of you.

Ginger and Jesse I hope your day went well today, I know some days are harder than others.
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hello ladies!

Thanks ginger for ur advice on putting ice pad and widsmom & letha for sharing ur experiences w meds...i totally forgot bout it :)...

Widsmom..dont give up yet hun...lets wait till beta come..i have u in my prayers...any symptoms??

Ginger: i was told about a possible chance of hemorrage after any surgery but i never tho this is very serious...im in shock...im praying God this time you will b a smooth ER & ET!!! AF hurry and show up..lol..naahh lets not rush things so everything can come PERRRRRRFECT!!!  :)

Letha: lol..this hunger is driving me crazy..lol..everything to have a healthy baby or babies :) you so close 2 more weeks for you lini=ning check..woohoo!! so excited !!!

Tes645: Welcome!! Yayy u almost close too!! I love this forums because i dont have too many friends to talk to and here i feel so good sharing my questions and getting or giving good advises cuz we all going or gone thru the same!!

AFM...today i wasnt that hungry :) what im getting are too many migraines after taking the estrace but then it goes away..IM SOO HAPPY but at the same time im still freaking out w PIO..lol..will see how my first one goes on saturday!!

<3 jessy

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