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October IVF ers

Anybody going to do and IVF either with donor or own eggs in October?
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I just had a miscarriage so I have to wait to heal before doing donor egg.

Melissa (mhv) may do October, she is waiting for the lining to grow these days so I hope she can do it in September.
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Hello, Hopefully we will be doing our last ivf cycle(third) after two failed ones, first to miscarriage in may, second bled from day 11 on 2ww in early august. I am an older mum, 41 yrs and will be trying with my own eggs as my husband doesnt want to go down donor egg route. We only ever put back 1 embryo in both our previous ivf's but this time will put back two, didnt realize we have a higher chance having a single baby this way than having twins which would be finatially hard but we will deal with that if it happened. This will def be last attempt as have already used savings and struggling to finance this try but will find the money somehow.  Have our consultion nxt week then will decide when to begin, best wishes to you , mhv has ben a great support in my other cycles and now i may be on same dates as herself, lots love melissaxx
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Hi Ladies:
Yes, MHV has been great. I hope she gets good news soon.
Mariana: Good thoughts for you!!
I have done 2 IUI and 4 IVF with my eggs and tried once with my sister. With $ money cost low, we decided to use a shared program here in the US. Called Shady Grove.
My husband did not want a donor either, but after two years and I cannnot produce any eggs he came around.
I share a donor with 2 other couples and it is one fee and I get 6 trys.
Its refundable if i do not bring home a baby. Its one fee.
Anyway. I start meds next week and we will see.
Good luck to you.
Two eggs for you will hopefully work!
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Our ivf routines here in England)seem to differ quite a bit to the States or Australia, we have a lot of 2 day transfers, our meds are different and we dont't have blood tests, we have to take hpt's, if over 39 which i am(41yrs) we have to pay for everything and each cycle being £5000+ its very,very expensive, we don't have any insurance plans either. My eggs arent best quality but the gyny thinks will be ok,  best of luck with your start to the ivf cycle next week, keep updating  as i will when we begin again, lots love melissaxx
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I am using a donor- but it is a mid-september retrieval. SSBD to all!
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MEL: I think I miss wrote, when I said low cost, I meant we spent so much money this was really the only option to do the shared donor program.
Here in the US, everybody is different. Some insurance pays for it all, some people only are covered for a certain number of procedures and some is partial coverage or none at all.
For me, all procedures and meds are not coved, only thing they cover for me is bloodwork and ultasounds, that is it.
Horrible, its about 12,000 and IVF with your own eggs here, depends on the state. For a donor when we used my sis was $22,000.
I started my meds today.
Globetrot: My transfer will prob be the last week of Sept or the 1st week of October.
Good luck to both of you!
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It is awful that us women that so desperatly want a child, or a sibling cannot have one that easily or without great cost and still no guraantees. It makes my blood boil here in England we have women that can pop out babies like smarties and sometimes its just for benefit money, they get more money from the state the more children they have.
Anyway we hopefully start meds again 22nd  sept and egg retreival will be probaby 8-10th oct, have full consultation tomorrow so will know more then, best wishes to you, keep updating your progress, lots love melissax
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Hi all
hope your all well!! Am starting meds on the 23 sept for a frozen embryo transfer so I will be getting that transferred in around oct 15 . I haven't a clue of what to expect I had a failed ivf in July and I miscarried after ivf 8 weeks pregnant in April !!! The embie was left from the July cycle and am praying it's the one!! I was reading that frozen embros are only 20%.success rate that's if the survive the thawing process!!! We  had to have ICis to get fertilization !! Am with you on the expenses cause it's soo expensive and there's no help!!! I have to say I would sell the house if it comes to it!!! Has anyone any information on frozen eggs??
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We have the same problems here in the US, unfortunately. Even worse is the people that abuse and do not take of their children or worse and I would sell every last thing I own to keep trying. Mind you, my husband would not sell it all  This is it for us. It was much debate to finally try one more thing, and this program :)
I am as healthy as they come, I work out 5 days a week, I eat healthy, 5 days a week I cook and people say I look 10 years under what I actually am. Unfortunately my insides are like 50 year old, not at all 36, my actual age. Anyway, we keep moving on and hope we will bring home a girl or boy someday. I  think I will be like a week earlier than you. I have my 1st check up on monday.
I pray for no cysts. I forgot how I get headaches on the Lupron, oh well.

Marcey: ICI is very common here. They never did it for me until my last IVF and the one I tried with my sister, you should not be concerned, it just helps the little guys along. You cannot look at the odds, if we did then we would go crazy. Breath and stay positive that is the BEST thing you can do.  The ladies on this site has had much success with frozen. Is all a gamble.

Good Luck Ladies!
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Hi again.  Looks like we will be doing the IVF together at Shady Grove.  I just started my 2 weeks of BCP and waiting to hear back from my insurance for the approval.  After that I will start my injections/stims and if all goes well then my retreival should be at the beginning of October.  Right now they are talking about doing a 3 day transfer and only transfering 1.  Kind of wish they would transfer 2 just to give me better odds but I don't think I really have a say in it.  They are going to be doing the ICSI and assisted hatching also, since DH's count was a low with my last IUI.  You are in the rockville office right?  I'm at annapolis, but I'm not sure if they do all of it there or if I have to go to rockville for parts of it.  I have my Mock Embryo Transfer set up for this monday.  Starting to get a little nervous, thinking that this may actually work for us.  
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I did the mock transfer, it was easy, but I am old-school now. LOL. They are very nice there.  Yes, I went to Rockville. I am not sure if they do everything in Rockville.
I will be like a week before you, I HOPE.
I hope you get approved for insurance, somebody should.
Well if they only want to use one, maybe that is good sign.
They told me they only recommend usually one for me too, but I think if I wanted to two they would do it, because of the donor thing. It also depend on the quality of the eggs too and how far they develop. We will see.
It HAS to work, eventually it will, I just hope it does on the 1st try!

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Hi everyone, I'll be doing my second IVF in October. Fingers crossed this one takes...
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Thanks for words of wisdom it's all positive this and next month baby dust and angel prayers for us all xxxxx
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Hi everyone!!
     im 25 yrs and i have 3 precious daughters 8,7 and 3..i got recently married 8/18 but been with my husband since 2008..my new husband doesnt have a child on his own, he had lukemia when he was 17 yrs so his sperm count is low..We were thinking about adopting a baby because IVF too expensive...well i got employed 16 months ago and my insurance covers up to 20k..so thats really good..this is my first time doing IVF because i got sterilized 4/07 in my last c-section.. so thats teh reason im doing IVF..i started with the pill on 8/6 and lupron 8/22..had my first blood work and ultrasound on 9/1 having good signals..had another lab work on 9/8 and my nurse called me same day to tell me i have to be in today 9/10 to do more blood work and another ultrasound to take a look in my ovaries...so far im schedule to have my eggs retreval on 9/15 but im still waiting for my nurse to call to see how are my ovaries and my blood work...so i guess i will keep my calendar untill i receive a call from my nurse...and for those that tried several times i cant say how it feels because i havent gone thru it..but just want to let you all know that hope is the last thing you will loose....so keep it there ladies...good luck for all of you!!!
i will like to have new friends having this same procedure or gone thru it already so i can express my feelings and to learn more about your experiences!!!
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nshapeland: Welcome! Good luck and keep us updated.

Jessy: Well it sound like you have been through a great deal already. That is wonderful that your insurance will five you 20K. I hope the 1st time works for you guys! It should like you have good eggs (since you have kids previously). Marcey will be around the same time as you.
The 1st time is very overwhelming, so if you have any questions please ask. I am old-school now. :) I am sure they will prob do ICSI so to get some good swimmers from your husband.
Good luck!
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Thanks b74
I sure do will have lots of question during and after the ivf process...finally got called yesterday from my nurse and she told me that so far is tubs up..yay!!..so she want me to go back tomorrow to do another ultrasound and another blood work to know exactly the date to have the hcg inyection..im so happy but nervous at the same time...

Good luck Marcey..dont loose your faith!!!

Lets see tomorrow when will be the great day of the eggs retrieval!!!

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Hi ladies!!!
Just got out of my ivf ultrasound and blood work..I asked my doc about how many follicles I have so far and he said that I have 10 that had been develop so far...is that a good signal???...I have to wait till they call me today in the evening to get my blood work results..my rn said that I have to keep with the inyeccions...lupron,menopur and gonal...know I'm kinda concerned because my doc asked me if I'm on clomid??? I told him no..so if I was told to take 3 dif types of inyeccions does this affect me in something because she didn't gave me clomid???..I feel a little sad because I'm new and I'm not sure if I'm doing well...hope someone could give me a good advise!!!

Talk to you all when I get my blood results...still having my fingers cross!!!
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hi there!!
got called from my nurse and they want me to be there tomorrow @ 7:30 for another ultrasound and more blood work...i think im almost there but just have so far 10 follicles...hope tomorrow they give me the news that i have more!!!
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You don't really need clomid while doing IVF!!!!  (I have done 4 IVF and NEVER did clomid while doing IVF protocole..... you usually do clomid alone but no during IVF that I know, at least in my experience) so don't worry. 10 follies sound great plus you are young!!!

It will work well :)

Good luck!!!
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Thanks mariana I feel lot better..I tho that my nurse forgot to prescribe it because my ivf doc asked me yesterday...but thanks again!!!.I'm praying god to be a sucessfull ivf in the first try..I'm calm...but anxious...today I have another u/s and b/w to see how many had develop in add to the 10 already developed...by my calendar today I supouse to have my hcg so let's see what happen!!! I'm really positive that will be ok!!!
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Hi there!!
Just got my u/s and b/w and the doc said that I have 11 and that some good in size..I heard he said 20?? Is that ok?? So far he said probably ill be getting my er 9/15 or 9/16 its depending my blood results for today..."Please God hope I have good news"...I'm at work and just thinking a bout my results..ok so I guess need to wait!!
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Hi there
Jessy 20 is a great size I had two ivfs on in march which I got pregnant and m/c and the last ivf failed in July my sizes were in both times ranging from 15 to 22 and they got 13 eggs of which four were best!! They put back two and one wasn't good enough for freezing so we have one frosty which I will be putting back I have a scan on the 11 oct and start med 23 sept!!!  
Everything is looking great for you the very best of luck drink plenty of water
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Thanks b47 for your comments very helpful your right need to stay positive it only takes one!!!
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Sorry got your name wrong B74 !!!! My nerves !!! Lol
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