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Omg please help??

Okay. I'm in a situation here. I'm pregnant and had a few questions about paternity. I had my period Sept 22nd, 07 and had unprotected sex with a friend Oct 4th(i was fertile) I had an EARLY period Oct 15th, 2007. Lasted normal days. I met my current boyfriend Oct 17th and slept with him Oct 20th, 25th, 26th, and 29th . My due date is July 21st by Ultrasounds...was july 21st, then july 25th...Doctors and nurses on that lil pregnancy wheel says conception would take place Oct 29th. Whose most likely to be the dad?? I am 20 weeks and 6 days as of today, March 9th 2008....please help me understand this!??
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What's a mess are you in? I didn't mean to judge you, just a statement.

Here is what I think.

You have period on 9/22 (Cycle 1)
Unprotected sec on 10/4 (Cycle 13) **this day could be your ovulation day.**
You assume to have period again on 10/15 (cycle 23) 9DPO **could be your implantation bleeding** {what is your cycle day?  28 29 30 or 31?}
Met boyfriend 10/17 (cycle 25)
have sex on 10/20, 10/25, 10/26, 10/29

Base on the due date calculator, your boyfriend could be the father because i used  your period 10/15.

One curious about your period is you have 9/22 then 10/15 you have period again,it's 23 days in between.  

Right now, you might have 40/60 chance.  40% is your friedn you have sex with 10/04 and 60% chance with your boyfriend.

I hope this help.  I am not sure.  Only way to find out is to have a test after the baby is born.
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I think you should post this on the pregnancy forum.  This forum is for women who are trying to conceive and are having problems, not for pregnant women wondering who they conceived with.

If Oct 15 was really your period, then its most likely the new boyfriend's.  But as BabyBlue07 says, it could have been implantation bleeding from an earlier conception (although it does seem pretty heavy for that).

Were you trying to get pregnant with a guy you just met?  Sorry if this sounds harsh, but seems odd.  
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