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One 5 cell embryo success stories please

I am on the seventh day post embryo transfer. I only had one egg fertilized and it only split to 5 cells on day 3 of transfer. My test still shows as negative and i have no symptoms. Just hoping for some miracle i guess. Dont have any embryos frozen and not sure if i can afgord anothee cycle. Did anyone here get pregnant with one 5 cell embryo?
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Miracles do happen!!  I'm sending good well wishes to you! Let us know when you next test. Hugs
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Below you can find a list of what happens after a day-3 IVF embryo transfer day by day:

– Day 1: The embryo will continue growing and developing. At this stage, it will turn from a 6-8 cell embryo to a morula.
– Day 2: It will turn from morula to blastocyst.
– Day 3: The blastocyst embryo breaks through the zona pellucida.
– Day 4: The blastocyst attaches itself to the maternal uterus.
– Day 5: Embryo implantation begins.
– Day 6: Embryo implantation continues.
– Day 7: Now, embryo implantation is complete. At this stage, the embryo is called “fetus” and it will develop together with the placenta.
– Day 8: The woman’s body starts releasing hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin), which will enter the bloodstream.
– Day 9: Fetal development continues together with hCG production.
– Day 10: Fetal development continues together with hCG production.
– Day 11: By this time onwards, hCG levels are high enough as to be detected by means of a pregnancy test.

I hope this helps i

i have been around for a long time.  I have seen many less than stellar embryos turn into the most beautiful babies.  keep faith.

sending a ton of baby dust your way!
Thank you specialmom and mhv. I have done couple of tests since. Unfortunately all bfn. Have my last one on wednesday. It feels a bit like this time wasn’t meant to be. Will try and stay positive!
how are things going? this path is not foe the faint of heart. the worry and want we go through is brutal!  i am hoping for grest news for you
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