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Our Turn Soon...

Welcome ladies! I hope we can all continue to support, inspire, and hope together. Some of us have already been through multiple rounds together, facing this roller-coaster with fearless optimism, and I have been so uplifted by the ladies' kindness, knowledge, and understanding. We invite you to join in....

We are here because we know it will be our turn soon!
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I shall be here with you and supporting you all through your BFP's. Some good news from my end, I ovulated in this cycle from Clomid....Last cycle was a bust but this cycle seems hopeful. Keep me in your prayers.

All the best and thank you for your support girls.
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Oh I like the new post :)

owl I just got chills when I read your last line :). It will be our time soon. I think we get so wrapped up in getting our bfp right away and get so down when it doesn't happen. But things are working for us all. We are all getting regulated which is huge. My first cycle I did O which was huge. And eventhough last month was a bust I did get a lh surge which is something. And I think most people we have seen get their bfp had been on clomid for a few months. So I definitely think it will be our turn soon :)

mango so glad to hear you did O. That's great. Good luck this month.

Sherry sorry af showed up. I had started my post last night hoping for your bfp. By the time I actually posted it af had started. Maybe it'll happen if you take a break. You never know :)

well I'm hoping af starts so I can start my 3rd round of clomid. Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone!!!  SSBD to everyone
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I'm so glad we finally started this new thread.  It's definately a lot quicker to pull up!!  And, like Owl said, we are definately beyond just the side effects.  We have become each other's "shoulders to cry on" as well as good friends.  God bless every one of you!!  It WILL be our turn soon!!!!

Well, AF showed her ugly face today.  I'm actually glad because I knew by my CD21 progesterone results that this cycle was a bust.  I'm so ready to get round 3 started!  Hoping my dr. increases my dosage to 100 mg and that this is my month bc this is the last month she'll let me uses clomid.  Hoping it's 3rd times a charm and not 3 strikes you're out!
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I agree, we are "past the symptoms" and bad side effects, we have come such a long way that we can even guide new ppl on the symptoms. Anyways, my prayer is that we have come a long way and we need to be more positive because things can only get better. Our bodies are adjusting to clomid and definitely making changes, big and small.

I got a call from the doctor's office saying that my progesterone was at 11. I don't really know what that means, so please do explain if you have heard of progesterone levels. I thought on a "medicated" cycle it was to be 15 or more. So, maybe you all can guide me.

I love that we can stay connected and help each other through this special time in our lives. You have become like my little family. I'm so happy we started this new thread. Have a safe and fun weekend!
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Loving the new thread... yay! Sorry to hear about AF camdyn, but you sound positive and your right, 3rd time can be a charm.

Carlis- I agree- even though we didn't get the BFP we wanted at least most of us are ovulating and starting AF on our own. So those are def steps in the right direction.

Mango- Hoping the clomid will work for you this cycle!! And good job on the new thread suggestion.

Owl- That was such a good little intro paragraph, and deep down I do believe it will be our turn and we will all experience what we want so badly.
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Well hello everyone!!!!  I'm on to round 4 today.  I'll take my chances that I will O like i did the past 3 times in between cd 16-19 (which happens to fall on a weekend so hubby will be home. but I think if this round doesnt work i may move on to iui.
GL to all the ladies this month - looks liket here afew of us starting this round together
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Well last night my mom and sister had dreams, crazy dreams..all equaling that I am prego. I was like NEGITIVE! then the crazy part is how can I, my mom and my sister have really crazy dreams but in a crazy place. Its a long story, but this place where we haven't been in years..my grandmother house. Both callled me like is there something u need to tell me? I was like no..i didn't tell them that I too dreamed it. ummm! then My horoscope said something very postive: "the power of belief is an incredible thing.IF you can maintain an uplifed attitude and truly feel and embrace what you want to come to fruition it will be yours. This is not an instantaneous happening more likely your request will mainfest over the course of days or weeks, but don't lose faith, that you can have exactly what your dreaming of." Ok so with this beening just really crazy, I believe I am on the right path. I can't wait for all of us to end with a BFP! This is just relly really crazy. I am off to my inlaws house, we going to a parade and a BBQ. My parents can't make it, not sure why the county is putting the firework show on tonight vs Sunday. But it is all ok with me. I have faith, and I am praying for all of us!! Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!!
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Hi Ladies! I too am loving the new thread! Good idea ladies *pats you all on the back*. Love the title too.

Did one more hoorah bding session this morning... so I'm officially in my TWW. According to the ticker I'm on 3 DPO (kinda cool, the day of the month is the same this month, easier to remember).

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!!! =]
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It's so great to see such positive attitude. I was suppose to go for my 5th IVF this September 2010 now that I'll be having annual leave. Too many heart aches but I really am thinking about it.. I hope that coming into this forum, can give me some sort of courage to actually go through with it.. :o) Wish you ladies the best of luck!
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Hi everyone, I am just catching up on the new thread. I am kinda taking it easy on charting still. Nothing new to report. I had tons of blood work on Friday and waiting to hear results. I am glad to be on vacation with my ds. The dh and I sold his truck last week and we went and bought a Denali... I wanted something bigger for the family and for our vacation this month. It sounds like spirits are up today which is great. I am feeling bloated and off but feeling quite positive which is a plus for me :)
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Hey Girls just wanted to say good luck and sending heaps of sticky baby dust our way, going for an appointment on tuesday with my fertility specialist due to having a cyst on my ovary last cycle which seemed to be in the way, so here hoping it's gone as i was in so much pain 2 weeks ago, so i thought i would pop in and say hi and wish everyone the best of luck.
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So the dream was right about someone being prego...my sister in law...
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Its funny I told myself this round I wasn't gonna chart or do Opk's yet i find myself waking up in the morning and the first thing i do i take temp  lol.  It has become a habit i guess.   Its hotter than [email protected]@@ her in Toronto this weekend 41 with humidex - gonna be like this all week.  Good thing I have a pool to cool off.

Have a great day ladies!!!!!
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Hope your cyst takes care of itself. I had two aspirations before we finally found success with IVF. Was frustrating to be mid cycle, get a cyst and have to stop everything and wait it out. Praying Tuesday brings good news to you!
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rain: I hope the news about your sister-in-law hasn't gotten you tood own...believe me, I know what it feels like as it happened last week to me. But don't worry, you'll have happy news to share too soon. Hang in there.

wanna: SSBD to you this month! I hope your TWW goes quickly and most importantly, goes successfully!!! I have a good feeling about you this cycle!

camdy: Boo hoo about AF -- but at least she came on her own and quickly...that's good news. I'm hoping third-times-a-charm also works for me this round :)

sherry: I'm happy you are moving on and that your DH's work schedule will still allow the right time to BD. You seemed to just move on so quick--you have a great attitude!

umman: so you're NOT having the IVF or you are? I didn't understand... have you been TTC for a long time now? Did you go through clomid first and all? Juat wanted to get to know your story.

misslolli: good luck with you cyst -- there's another lady on here that had one but it disappeared when she went in for the US--I hope yours is gone too!!!

trying: Good luck with more testing this week. Keep us posted :)

I'm feeling good -- 3rd round without any symptoms... just feel steady (like last time). I have so much hope for this cycle. I really feel like I've been inching my way along to the destination. I can't see it yet, but it feels like it's right around the bend in the road.
SSBD to all!

-`*`-    (that's my little sparkler firework!)
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im just taking my chances that I will O on that weekend.  I have to have a good attitude cause i don't think I could do this if i didn't!!  Im tired of trying but when theres a will theres a way. And I always get my way  LOL
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It was nice to spend 4th of July at my place of worship. We had a bbq and all. Spent time praying for world peace and peace in usa. A good friend had a baby girl 5 days ago and she managed to come pray with us. I was happy to see her new baby girl but at times I was thinking of what I am having to go through to get to that point. Mixed feelings. Life is just so complicated sometimes but knowing that prayer always helps me, I relied on that and took strength. I shopped for the friend's baby also and going through the clothes reminded me that children are truly a blessing. Anyways, guess I am venting...it will be good, in the end. Hope u all enjoyed nice weather, good food and good company.
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Hi everyone, I am on my 2ww. Had 4th round of iui with clomid on July 1 so will be testing on july 15th (if I can hold off that long). I am trying to stay calm and keep busy to avoid being anxious and depressing thoughts. I pray it works this time around.
DH is out of country for the next 2 years,so we are using his frozen samples. It has to work, else I'd have to move on to IVF. Plus, one of my co-workers is pregnant and as much as I am happy for her, I can't help thinking 'when will it be my turn?". I am trying hard to keep positive, and not get angry when people keep asking me what are you waiting for? I have endometriosis and had a laparopscopy in March to take care of it, and RE discovered a blocked left tube.
I pray for BFP for us all, it will truly be our turn soon. Best wishes!
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Hey everybody- hope the holiday was nice for yall. Back to work tomorrow- booo! Only 7 days left before I can test... Hope it goes quick!

Ibelieve- I hope you get your bfp this month. I have endometreosis as well and I had my laparoscopy in April. After that I did 2 rounds of clomid, 2 rounds of hormone shots and this last time I did the letrozole, hormone shots and an IUI. And if I have a $1.00 for every time someone at worked asked me, "So, what are you waiting for? Why arnt you pregnant yet" I would be retired at the age of 26. lol I know it is tough- but hopefully this will be a good month for all of us.

Mango- Glad you had a good holiday, I am sure seeing that baby was tough for ya. Keep your head up girlie!!

Sherry- you are frickn hilarious hahaahaa I love it~ I ALWAYS GET MY WAY. lmao

Owl- Where are you at on your cycle? Have you finished the clomid yet?

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Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend!!  I had a wonderful one.  We are always running around from one place to another and this weekend we were home and could work on the house and just chill and swim.  Definitely a great weekend :-)  It was kind of cute or sad today but my daughter painted a picture.  I asked who it was for and she said for her little sister I was going to give her :-)  She's so cute and innocent.  I just said under my breathe I'm working on that for you my love :-)  Well I'm still waiting for AF.  I'm 4 days past provera and nothing yet.  I'm getting alittle worried because I've been on provera like 6 times and almost always like clock work I get it two days after stopping it.  I'll wait until it's been 7 days past then I'll call my dr.  Didn't realize I could wish so much for AF :-)  

Well I have enjoyed this day off.  Back to work tomorrow.  Hope you all had a great weekend :-)  SSBD!!!!
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Love the new thread!

CarlisMaMa, I'm still waiting for AF too, I'm 2 days past Provera and nothing yet. It's the first time I take provera so I don't really know how my body is going to react. I've had some sort of cramping since yesterday so hopefully it will be withing the next couple days, I can't wait for af to show, I just want to get started on the next cycle! It's been over 2 months for me now.
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Have an update for you girls.. cyst has gone good thing, i have a 14mm follie without having any FSH injections so made it on my own and was told to use opks but said i never surge so picked up ovidriel shot ready for friday so happy birthday and my pressent will be a trigger shot lol, so i'll be back in the 2ww when i thought i wouldn't starting cycle #6 until next week, gee the body amazes me so much, but if i don't fall pg this time i go back to a fsh injectable cycle so we thought we would do an iui.. good luck
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I am so excited and ready for each of you to finally have your turn. As much hope as I had of getting pregnant, I never truly believed I would ever achieve it, then when it happened, it was AMAZING. Like finishing a 10k run when you never saw yourself doing a marathon. :0). Please don't lose hope, and NEVER blame yourself. I did for so long, everytime I saw a pregnant person, I would think "and why God do you think THEY deserve this?" its so destructive, and keeps you from focusing on all of the positive. Its great that you are being regulated by the clomid, and any increase in your progesterone is very significant. It all adds up to you getting closer to that sacred BFP. It took me FIVE rounds for it to finally work, and by that point I had given up it would even work for me. I stopped doing the OPK and just BD'd all month and prayed every night that God would answer my prayers for a baby. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU AND KNOW THAT MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU THAT YOU WILL JOIN ME IN THIS NEW JOURNEY :0)
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Hey ladies...I like the new thread...very nice! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Wanna and Carlismama - sorry it is taking so long for af to show up. I think you are only supposed to wait 7-10 afters after provera before calling dr. When I did provera, I had no signs of af and she just showed up between days 3-4. I hope you both get yours soon so you can move on!

I finally did start my af on 7-1, but she took vacation the next day, but then showed up again and she is in full force. I got my hgc levels back today - I am down to 28. I think I will go back in at the end of this week to do another one and hopefully it is gone so i can do the folic acid and start trying again. I am hoping that I can have the hgs test done here in a few days too...but not sure if dr wants to wait until my next cycle.

Believe - good luck with the tww....time really seems to slow down here.

Mango - prayer always works...keep at it!
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