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Ovulating early?? Sorry for too much info.

My cycle is 28-30 days every month.  Well, last month I was having a lot of cm with a yellow tint about 3 days after my af ended.  I went to the dr.'s because I thought I had an infection.  He told me that I did have the beginnings of a yeast infection, but that wouldn't cause the yellow cm. Appartently I was also ovulating.  I told him that can't be right because it's very early, so the Dr. showed me the cells under the microscope  He also said it's probably a mix of the blood and the cm mixing togeather to cause the yellow tint.  I did end up getting my af a week early last month. This month I ended my af a couple of days ago and the same thing is happening.  i have a lot of cm with a yellow tint.  I can not believe this.  Am I ovulating a week early again?  Has anyone had a yellow tint of cm while ovulating?  Why am I ovulating early 2 months in a row???.  
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I have yellow discharge 3 days before my period and before that I had brown discharge. I've been on loestrin 24 and idk what's goin on?!!??
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I O early too.  NORMALLY I O around CD11-12 these days BUT this month I got a positive on an OPK on CD8!  & I am pretty sure I O today CD9.
My CM started off thick cd6 into CD7 later that day it got more clear & stretchier, then yesterday especially it was very clear & very stretchy.  Today I had it off n on. a little more watery, & at times a bit yellowish too.  For me, it usually turns yellowish, more like discharge after I O.  AND if I get pg, USUALLY the "discharge" yellowish/cream color continues.
The thing is, I've been on prog. supp.'s the last few cycles, so I probably wouldn't be able to tell if I were cuz of that discharge you get from the supp.'s.

Hope this helps ;)  Good luck!  BTW, did you ttc this month?
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Does your mucus ever get clear and very stretchy during your cycle or is it only yellow tinted?  Generally the clearer, and more stretchy/watery the mucus is the more fertile it is.  It is however normal for mucus to start out like you are describing and then become more and more stretchy, clear, and watery the closer to ovulation you come. That being said if you did get your period a week early then you most likely ovulated a week earlier then normal.  Your post ovualtion/luteal phase should stay the same with-in a day or so regardless of when you ovulate.  Also you are talking about "3 days after your period ended".  How long was your period?  So 3 days after period ended is actually cycle day what?  That would also give more perspective on how "early" this ovulation really is.  
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Well, I'm really not too sure on that - day 3 seems really, really early - is your Dr sure it's ovulation?  Are you seeing a specialist doctor?  Maybe you should have bloods taken during your next cycle, and see what is really happening.  I have a 28 day cycle.  I had my son, using natural IUI, but was ovulating around day 10 or 11.  When it came to conceive my daughter, I was ovulating around day 8 or 9, and the doctor put me on the pill and puregon injections to create a 'controlled' cycle, as apparently it's difficult to conceive when you are ovulating so early, as even though the egg is ready, the uterus isn't ready for it to implant.  I'm not sure if you are trying to conceive, but if you are, I'd think it would be a problem naturally.  My doctor gave reasons for early LH surges as maybe premature menopause, but it turned out this wasn't the case with me.  I'm now trying for my third child, using meds and IUI.
I hope you can get this sorted out.  It could just be you have been under some sort of stress also, and this can effect our cycles.  So it's be good to get your next cycle monitored.
Good Luck!
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