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Ovulation just after LEEP procedure

I had the LEEP procedure done yesterday (January 13) to treat moderate dysplasia. My husband and I are TTC baby #4. I had healthy pregnancies for all 3 of my children, no complications, and conceived with all three either the first or second cycle. We ttc last month but were unsuccessful, however I had just come off of my IUD the month prior. WIth baby #3 it was the same situation and it took a second cycle for my cycle to regulate. Well I knew that I was going to be having LEEP done and that I wouldn't be able to have sex for at least 4 weeks so we decided to ttc as much as we could this week up until the day of my procedure. In fact, DH and I had sex morning of the day of my procedure (Jan 13). Well today (the day after my procedure) and I have a positive OPK. So I should ovulate within the next two days. I'm assuming I will still ovulate and given that sperm can live for so many days in the vagina I know there's a chance (although a small one) that we could still conceive. My concern is if the LEEP will disrupt that. Any advice or has anyone been in the same boat?
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