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PCOS, no follicles after 20 days of 150IU HmG Injections, what to do?

hi friends,
I am 33yrs old with PCOD. clomid did not work for me.so docs started with gonadotropin injections. 10 FSH 75IU + 3 FSH150 IU + 7 HMG 150IU (a total of 20) have been given till date but still there is no follicle :(. initially there were 2 follicles of 8mm each but now there is nothing. doc has increased my HMG inj dose to 225IU for 5 days. i am feeling very depressed as I am not able to produce eggs even with medical help. anyone with same problem? plz guide me what to do friends, I really feel depressed due to all this!
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Yes, it can be quite frustrating when ovulation cannot be induced even with medical help. However you’re Doctor knows best. A reassessment of the problem should be done. Rule out factors like PCOS wherein the thickened ovary can cause problems with ovulation. Increasing the doses of gonadotropin injections and using the HCG trigger will help. Hope this helps.
The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
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hi , i was also had the same prob on my first follicuar study with 12 inj of fsh n hmg i didn had dominant follicles and with primolut i had periods that cycle . i had pco and my doc said first v hav to thinner the ovaries so i took mychiro for 4months then to regulate my cycle n to balance hormones i had minesse after 4months now from my 2nd day i took clomid for 5days and on 11 day after trigger with fsh 75 at 9th and 10th day , i had 2 dominant follicles on 11day measuring 13mm n 12mm. so dont loose hope , do skipping or walking reduce weight and hav a perfect diet then go for fs and trigger shots it ll hav effect by then alone. hope u understood . all the best n tc..
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hello Doc,
thank you so much for the advice. it really is a morale boost for me.
this time my doc changed the brand of hmg and increased the dose to 225IU for 5 more days. today in TVS, I got 2 follicles of 16-17mm and many smaller follies as well of about 10-11 mm. now my IUI is due a day after.
how much are chances of getting pregnant with IUI?
I hope we can get a positive news soon.
thank you
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Hello doc,
I got my periods on the same day when my IUI was due. :(
it is so frustrating!!
is it normal or there is some prob in me?
now my Doc said this month they will not do anything and would wait for my next periods.
plz guide me what to do?
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Hello doctot. I have a pcos problem.i took hmg injuctions .after that i ovulated with 20 nm egg size.from last 6 months i ovulated.but pregnency not happening.why
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