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PCOS? Where to begin?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 3 months.  I know that's not very long... However,  I'm thinking were going to have a lot of difficulties,  because I've always had extremely irregular periods (probably more like 6 to 8 weeks apart, although until recently I never tracked them because they were to irregular to bother.  I have a friend who thinks I have a lot of symptoms of PCOS, so I guess I'm wondering if there are any other problems that are likely to cause my irregularity. (I also did have a cyst rupture once--it was incredibly painful)   I'm trying to figure out what the next step is.  I've been told that most doctors won't help me until I've been trying to get pregnant for 6 months or more.  But I don't really want to wait since I'm already 35 and my age is probably already going to make things difficult.  So do I go to my regular doctor first,  or straight to an endocrinologist,  or what?  

Any thoughts?
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I went to my gyno ..told him I read all about PCOS on webmd and KNEW I had it bc I have every symptom. He then did blood work and told me everything was normal and I did not have PCOS. Well, after a couple more months I went back and asked him to do an ultra sound and he did one and I have TONS of cysts on both ovaries ...like TONS. He told me he was sorry he didn't do it before and started me on metformin in July of last year and clomid 2 months ago to make me ovulate.

Go to your dr and ask for an ultrasound ...to this day my blood work is PERFECT you could never tell I jab PCOS from that alone. Crazy!
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Other than Just goin to an obgyn I would try going to a reproductive endocrinologist bc when we were first trying i went to an OB and they told me just to take clomid.. We tried for over a year before going to an RE and getting diagnosed with PCOS.  We then did IVF FET and got pregnant with our son.  2 years later we did another FET and got pregnant with our daughter and just last friday we did another FET and waiting to see if this one works.  An RE is more inclined to help than an OB I found.  A lot of times an OB will tell you that there is nothing wrong but an RE will look and do lots more tests.
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This might just be my next step too!

I'm sick of playing this waiting game
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