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PCOs and want to have healthy ovulation

Hi There!
I have PCOs and it gets hard for me to loose weight and dont get regular periods. Off the late I have been on Loesterin 24 Fe and have put on. I have stopped it for 2weeks now and want to reduce weight naturally and fast and want to become healthy so that i get my period naturally. I am 20pounds more than my ideal weight and of 30years.I have stopped all junk food for last two weeks and its lack of time for me to exercise.I have started taking 1tsp of flaxseed and pinch of cinnamon starting from tomorrow. Heard they would help in my insulin resistance.
Does any one have any idea of flaxseed and cinnamon good for reducing weight and getting periods regularly being in pcos ? just want to confirm I am on right track.
Any other natural food that i take to effectively reduce weight?
I would also like to know any food to get my periods regularly?
Any suggestions to get a healthy ovulation? and how do i know when i ovulate, any symptoms?
Any suggestions on how to reduce weight fast and naturally,to get periods , to ovulate healthy is welcome.
Thanks in advance!
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Thanks Eilky!
Can you please specify the health store where i can find the agnus castus? Will it help me to ovulate too? and will it interfere with taking any multi-vitamin supplement ?
Did you try it ?

Thanks again!
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Hi there is a natural supplement called agnus castus this will help bring on your periods you should be able to get it in any of the health shops. I took one a day and it worked within 3 weeks but you can take up to 3 a day. best of luck :-)
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My friend is 34, her cycles were never regular, she had to use meds to get period every month always.

She tried clomid cycles and they didn't work. For this cycle, all she took is 150 units of Gonal F in order to produce less number of eggs, when they found she had 2 mature eggs, they were asked to baby dance, and it worked. good luck dear.
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Thanks for the info! I am 30years. How old is your friend? and did she take any medication before the injection and how many injcetions she had to take for the egg release? just curios . Good luck and Best wishes to your friend!
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How old are you? My friend has PCOS, and she took gonal-f injections for egg release, and now she is 30 weeks pregnant, in your case, if you want natural ovulation by losing weight, i dont be of much help. good luck hon.
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