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How long have you been trying? It can take a perfectly healthy couple a year to concieve, even if you do everything right every cycle.
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It does take some time. Even for the healthiest of couples in their 20's, odds of conceiving each month are only between 20 - 25%, and that is if you get the timing right. Usually doctors will want a couple try for a year before recommending fertility intervention (of course this depends on your age and if you both have 'normal' histories)

The egg is only viable for 24 hours, but the sperm can survive in there for a couple of days. If you really want to get crazy with this whole thing, you can track your ovulation with OPK's and use an ovulation calender. We used this one:


The best time to get in there is the few days before ovulation. Good luck.
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thanks. but i've been trying for a yr now. i was on birth controll for 3 yrs, got off last august. my periods been normal every since last december.
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thank u for your advice too. but it looks like i've been trying for a year now. and whats an OPK?
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an OPK is an ovulation predictor kit, which you can find in Target, Walgreens, or really anywhere. It's usually next to the pregnancy test sticks. they are like pregnancy tests in that you wee on them and wait for a result. There are directions for how to use them online and in the box, but you usually get one weeks worth and go on one everyday until you get a positive reading. Once you get a positive result, you have a day or two until the big O. You can also buy the Clearblue fertility monitor. It's really expensive, but the month we bought it was the month we got pregnant! So it was worth every penny.
If you have been trying for a year, you may want to bring up this issue with your doctor or OB at your next visit. They can check to see if your basic plumbing is working properly. Also, sometimes problems are due to male fertility factors, which was our number one issue. I think a sperm count is fairly inexpensive, but I don't really remember:(
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