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I am so confused right now. most of you know i recently got preg, levels not going up, 289 first beta, 329 2nd (4days), and 4days later 47. Last level was on 12/27/08. Went for my post IVF 12/29/2008, told RE I had not bled at ALL!! And I have been peeing alot. She said by now the levels were out of my system. I still have not bled. On 01/02 I took an ovulation test without the digital part, the thing had 2 dark lines. Thought Wow maybe I am ovulating. That was quick. So me and DH got busy on 1/2 and 1/4. But I have been feeling really really bloated, breast sore, and nauseas sometimes. Today is 01/07/2008, still have not bled. Today I stopped at the drug store, something kept telling me to do this. Bought a test (Walgreen" digital) the things says i'm pregnant. It showed quick too. Not like they usually do, taking their time. The little picture blinked a few times and pregnant came up. In saying all this.... What is going on. How could this be. Is it possible I still have HCG, after 11 days. I mean they were 47. My husband thinks I may have gotten pregnant when we, you know what. I told him no way possible. Please ladies, I depend on your insight here, even if I don't come visit as frequently as I used too.

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I have no idea, but sometimes it takes a LONG time for the levels to go down.  Why are they not doing more levels to follow you back to 0?

I am sorry you are stressing....

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Hey! I am sorry you are so confused. All I can say from your post that I now for sure is there is no way you are preggo from sex on 1/2 and 1/4. My levels took forever to come down after my M/C. Call the doc and insist on a blood test. Goo dluck sweetie!
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When I asked my RE during the post consult, she said my levels would have been 0 by then. This was on 12/29. I assumed this is why she did not do another level check. I know Hcg can stay in your system but is it possible a level of 47 stay in your system for 11 days. And then enough remain to register on a pregnancy test. My confusion is turning into anger. This is not the first time my RE's office has goofed. Please don't confuse my questions as grasping for hope. I have already come to terms with my miscarriage. Sorry for all the questions.
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I think you should definitely ask for another beta. That does not make sense that a 47 11 days ago is still showing positive, especially since most pregnancy tests need at least 25 to show positive. Some even need 50 or 100 to be accurate. Maybe you could check the insert in the box, too, just to see if it shows how sensitivity the tests are. Best of luck, and keep us posted!
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You had a miscarriage, yet you have not bled? I'm confused?

There is a slight possibility that you were pregnant with twins and lost one (vanishing twin.) That would explain the drop in hCG and still give you a positive test now.

I would demand another blood test.
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They really need to check you, are they sure it's not an ectopic?  How far along would you be now if your levels wouldn't have dropped?  I would go and get another beta.  Good luck, I hope everything works out so you guys can move on and get your BFP that sticks!
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I say ask for an u/s and blood test...I wish there was something more I could say...Keep me posted!
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I have not bled a bit. Nothing! Not even any thick mucus. I am confused about this too. In September I had a D/C. Didn't bleed except immediately after the D/C. I understood this. My RE said this was normal, she removed everything from inside. But this time I have not had a D/C.

cminayer: I would be 7wks and 1 day today.

I discussed the possibility of ectopic with my RE. I told her I was scared my tubes would rupture if I didn't know. This was on the 29th. She stated "your levels would be gone by now." since my levels were only 47 two days before. Has anyone had levels this low take this long to leave.
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Unfortunately it can take a few weeks to get to zero...When I had miscarriage #2 it took 3 weeks to get from 59 to three!!!  It was pure torture!!  Sorry you're going thru this.
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To me I would be more worried about an ectopic than anything, but then again when I had my ectopic I did bleed before it ruptured, and I thought it was my normal AF. I googled HCG levels going up and down and had a couple that said the lab had made a mistake, and one where the progesterone kicked in and brough the numbers back up for a healthy pregnancy.

I'm not trying to get your hopes up, like you said you've accepted the loss and that is most likely the case, but it's happend.  It's just weired that you test came up positive so fast that's not something you would usally get with a hcg of 47, let alone 2 weeks after an hcg of 47 it should be gone, or really really low...  Keep us updated, I'll be looking for your post.
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I'm with wannab ~ if they never did U/S how do they know the dropping numbers were not from a twin? I'm not trying to get your hopes up but I think 11 days is way longer than need be, mine went from 30 to 0 in 2 days. I'd call your RE and demand an U/S it's not like they don't have a machine right there.
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Mine went from like 200,000 to 0 in 13 days. In most (I stress most) cases, it drops at about the same as it rises. Since you have not bled yet, it sounds like either the vanishing twin, a new pregnancy, or the sack and/or placenta are still there causing the Hcg to stay steady. You need to call your RE and they really need to do an u/s and pelvic exam.  I really hope it is an unexpected surprise for you~
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so sorry to hear this!!  I would defintely have your RE do another beta! my RE must see the beta at 0 before doing anything (or assuming anything). you can get retained products (esp if you haven't bleed or anything) and that can cause your beta to not go down and in some cases go up... of course there is the chance you could be preg again!!!! : )  i'm praying thats the case!! keep us updated!
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I'm with all of the others - u/s and beta is the only way to go!  Good luck!  I hope you get a wonderful surprise.

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I am soo P***ed at my RE right now. Went in today, my levels are 5000!!1 yes, I know that this is still low for 7 weeks, but this means I must have something growing inside. Whether is be in my tubes or my uterus she should have checked my levels down to 0. I asked her about the ectopic she told me since my levels were 47 (12/27)  they were gone already (12/29). I just want to scream!!! Now she want me to come in ASAP to have an US. Why Why Why??
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OMG, I am, so sorry you are going through all this. I bet it was twins. Good luck at your US.
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Just read your post, goodness you've been through alot, good thing you went with your feeling and stopped at the drug store, I know it's hard and you must be miserable right now, but good luck to you! Stay strong and positive-I know it's difficult to do-but there's so many people on here pulling for you!!
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Wow, that is unbelievable. I hope the u/s is able to give you some definite answers. We are all here for you.
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sorry to hear that darn RE.....I am hoping for the best and praying for a BFP!!!
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I hope it's good news and not more bad news, what did you RE have to say for herself?  Your giving her all of this money and she can't even do her job right, WTH!  Keep us posted, I'm really hoping for the best, or at least not something horrible!
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One thing also, your levels from the 27th are on track to have an hcg of 5000 now.  Maybe your first hcg was off or it was a twin... I'm really hoping you get to see a HB today!

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THIS HAS GOT TO BE GOD!!! just came back from my RE. No ectopic that she can see, maye a large cyst in on my tube. 2 sacs in my uterus. One wtih a fetal pole and HB of 140. She told me the sac was small for the gest. stage. but the hb is strong and good. she was able to measure it and see it clearly. She was scratching her head, I was scratching mine, and i dont' think either of us knew what to say. I clearly saw 2 sacs one was empty with a idention in the middle. The second was full with something. First she said she didn't see anything, but she kept moving around. There it was, she said thats a hb a strong one.
I know I am still hoping for the best. I cant' even be angry now, this is a miracle. I truly believe god is teaching me he is still here, and he does answer prayers. Some of you know I have talked about losing my faith. God has truely given me a miracle.
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I'm so happy for you!!!!! YIPEEEEE!!!!!!
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140 is a GREAT heart rate! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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