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PLS URGENT! cancelled ivf cycle, low follicle growth rate, with 9 days injection

i way pretty well prepared for my egg retrieval in my mind in two days, then today i am shocked to hear on my cycle cancellation, iam shocked to
iam suffering from pcos, usually ovulation is not happening with injection only after  day 15!
Please answer as you know and experience:
1)i have got nearly 15 follicles on each ovary, and day before yeaterday some were 1.0-0.7, but after two days, they say only one follicle on 1.5mm is seen and all others are only 0.5-0.6(each like 7-15 no's), my endo is 0.9 today and will it be too thick if i wait for 4 days?
2)What would have happened to the one on 0.8mm- 0.9mm? i had injections daily?
3)Till how many days can they wait so the small ones can grow?
4)How many days will the egg be monitored for growth?
5)What is the ideal endometrium thickness required best for implanatation?
6)I undergo a laproscopic drilling about a year and a half, will there be a chance of thick ovarian wall?
I always look for answers here and iam looking for this too,,please answer whatever you know, in that way you help me a lot! It means so much support in this bad situation,,,
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anybody can help me on this?
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I'm sorry you are going through this. I've never done IVF (but may next month) so I don't know the answers to your questions. When I feel like I have too many questions for the dr to answer over the phone or during a quick appt, I make an appt for a one-hour consultation, write out all my questions and ask them at that time. Then the RE actually has time to answer each question.  I've done this twice since my initial consultation.
good luck!!
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this was so consoling to see a reply, thank you...
iam still finding the answers one by one,,,
Good luck to you too...
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So sorry to hear that it had to be cancelled. These medications are very particular and have to be taken at an exact time otherwise so many things are bound to go wrong. Even an hour of miscalculations can have tragic results. I don't believe that having a laparascopic procedure might have caused any thickness to your uterine wall. I'm not to sure unless you might have done some sort of procedure related to your uterus that might have caused any scarring.. I suggest you take some time off until your body gets back to normal and try the meds once again. I wish you the best of luck and hope that next time you'll have a more positive results.
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Oh God, i understand, i took the medications at very different times,,,
Please answer this too, as i said all follies which were 0.5mm-0.6mm on friday,after a trig shot on sunday showed up as 1.2mm and 1.1mm, while the dominant one that we saw on friday(1.5mm) was today ruptured,
Is there a chance of other follies grow and ovulate as day passes- as i had my iui done today?
Will that trig dose be good for the other follies to mature?
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What meds were you on? Some people have low response to some of them. With my 2nd iui, I was not responding to follistim. I, like you, had lots of follies but none were growing above a 6. Dr added menapur and I got 2 nice sized follies. For my ivf we started menapur from the start and got 12 follies. Dr td me some women are not compatible to the synthetic fsh. It's rare though. Good luck!  
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The thickness of your endo is about right. My MD prefers it to be between 0.9-0.11. Having said that, he said some of his patient got preg with endo about 0.7.  I think since you had a lot of follicles but they didn't appear to grow, then your MD might cancel the cycle because the follicle might get impregnated, but there is no "york sac". A friend of mine had this condition, she got miscarriaged on her 2nd weeks. Baby dust to you...
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