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I am 6 weeks prego - IVF.  I am taking soooo many pills and was just curious if anyone takes the same.  This is what I take daily:

Glucophage (Metformin) 2 x's per day - for my PCOS
Baby Aspirin - 1x per day
Folic Acid - 1x per day
Calcium pills - 1000 mg per day
PRe-Natal - 1x per day
Estrace - 2x's per day

Progesterone Oil - 1cc per day
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I only took the aspirine pretransfer to get my lining gooshy
never took the calcium (except prenatals with calcium)
estrace and progeterone till 13 weeks
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Please keep in mind that at the calcium and the folic acid (and of course the prenatals) are vitamins, not drugs.  Even though they are in pill form, they are not "meds," and would be good for you even if you were not pregnant.  Folic acid is great for the heart, calcium for the bones, etc.  So try not to lump them all together in your mind and convince yourself that you are taking a whole bunch of hostile drugs or something.  

Every IVF doc and clinic has a slightly different protocol, but since I was successfully pregnant with what mine told me to do, I wouldn't dream of stopping any of them without talking to the doctor at least.  I am pretty sure that the baby aspirin is to reduce the chances of clotting disorder, which could indeed harm the fetus.  It has nothing to do with headaches, and the recommendation to take it is firmly grounded in research.  If you feel resentful of taking so many pills, talk to your doctor and see if some of the doses can be tweaked so you take a slightly larger dose less often, or something like that.

By week 12 you'll probably be tapered off the progesterone.  
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Oh!  I was on Glucophage b4 the DET/IVF.  
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Here ya go stefanie1976.  I found it posted as of 07/01/09:

A_muse4u - TWW Began 06/23/09 12 noon, Progesterona Injection 200 mg 06/21***06/25***06/30 & 07/04, 1 prednisona 5 mg every 12 hrs.,  Progesterona 200 mg 1 Vaginal @8 a.m. & 1 @ 8 p.m. (DH does these) w/1 oral @1 p.m., Estradiol 2 mg 2 every 12 hrs.  Beta 07/08 or 07/09

I'm taking all of these besides the pre-natals.

The jr. aspirins, I don't feel too secure about, so I stopped them.  Doc told me they were for me, anyway, not the baby.  I'm sure the baby doesn't have any headaches.  (?)  :)
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Stefanie we are on the same page.My Re has given me the same meds except the follic acid and calcium and i really didn't liked taking so many meds.But i was also afraid to stop them.My dh says not to take any of them but i don't know. Congrats on your pregnancy
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I stopped taking the baby aspirins
I still take folic acid in my pre-natal vits
I take an additional calcium chew
and the rest is documented on IVF SUMMER BUDDIES

Congrats on your awesome news!  HH pregnancy/delivery to u2.  Please, send me some much needed BD now that you're legit!  :)))))

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Oh and progesterone suppositories - 3x's per day
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