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Pacific Northwest Fertility in Seattle

HELP... Is anyone familiar with this clinic?
We live in Alaska and are 'in the market' to switch Dr.'s and clinics, and am looking for advice and input from others.
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That is great...glad you are going outside of the one RE. I hope you get the feedback you need about this clinic so that you can move forward & get started.

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Sam, I don't know....but I was wondering about you the past couple of days =) I haven't seen you on in quite awhile - How have you been?

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Hi - there's a woman who lives in Bellevue which is across from Seattle by Lake Washington who's pregnant w/twins.  Her user name is jsh44 - pm her - she probably has some good info for you.  I used to live in Seattle but unfortunately we moved before our ttc journey - good luck to you!
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Thanks all for the info.

40smama --- jsh44 is no longer a member... :((

We are also looking into adoption at this point.... we shall see what happens first!
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I went to PNWF and loved it there.  I had a terrible experience with the Spokane clinic and ended up going to this clinic in Seattle.  We did the donor egg program and got pregnant with the twins the first time around.  Loved the staff and doctor.  The twins were born September 11, 2008 (boy and girl) and are just the most perfect babies.  Good luck
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So how did your foray into the IVF specialists of Seattle go?  I'm also in Alaska, and starting to look at this.  My Dr. just suggested today either Pacific NW Fertility or Seattle Reproductive Medicine and amongst other things its confusing.  Please let me know how things went for you and your experiences.  

Thank you.  
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We went to Seattle Reproductive Medicine. Our doctor recommended them and another Seattle Clinic. I didn't get pregnant but will go back to them. I know they are excellent and I've never felt so cared for by any medical organization.
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Hi Sam!

It's been forever....how are you?  What's been going on?

I have been completely out of touch...sorry.  :-(

Hope you are well,

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I have started going northwest reproduction center in kirkland and seeing doctor janet kennedy.She is recommending iui/ivf for me.Can anybody give me any feedback about the clinic or the doctor?
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