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Pain in my Stomach

I have been having this stomach pain since I got married which was last year September.
I did went to see a gynae but he claim that there is cease(which my egg is big than the normal.The size is 20mm).But now the pain is no longer at the below part only, the pain is now at almost the area of my stomach and my lower back. And I had been having morning sickness which last over 1month plus. This few days my pain getting more worst especially when Sit down wrongly. If I were to wear my jeans, the button must always below my stomach. My stomach is getting bigger and it seems like I am pregnant but when I checked I am not :'(

My last mensus was last month 18/10/08 but it only last 2 days.
Please help me cause I can no longer take this pain...

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It looks like you could be pregnant.  I suggest you make an appt with the Doctor's office to have blood work down and u/s to see what is going on in there.

Good luck to you!

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Thanks Marline...
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hi there...looks like your are frm Singapore. im a singaporean too. can i add u as my fren? mayb there r things tat we cud share especially bout getting pregnant. u can call me kak huda
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