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Period after D & C

Miscarriage at 18 weeks. Baby boy with 2 vessel umbilical cord. How soon after a D & C can you expect a period. Also, with past SUA cord what are chances for normal pregnancy?
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My doc said to expect my period about 6-8 wks after my D&C but to call her if it didn't start by them because it wasn't normal. It started right about 6 wks after the D&C. hope this helps...
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Mine was w weird case because I bleed for 2 1/2 weeks and they said that it would probably come in 5-6 weeks.  My hcg levels were high, but yours were probably higher.  Mine started at 47,000 and it took a long time for tem to drop...longer than they expected.  The doc told me that it would take at least 4 weeks after the bleeding stopped.  Well 12 days after the bleeding stopped I suddenly got my AF!  And I went back to ovulating right on time!  So mine came at exactly 4 weeks!
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Did you dr. check you hcg levels? How long did it take for them to drop?
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Hi, I have had two miscarriages this year (one at 10 weeks and the other at 14 weeks) that both needed a D & E.  I did not start my period until 7-8 weeks after the first one.  And, I am 6 weeks post D & E and still waiting on my period.  I am scare too.  The first period I had after the D & E was very heavy.  I went through a whole pack of pads in a day and a half.  I started having to use tampons and pads at the same time to keep it from going through to my pants.

I did not call the doc when it was so heavy.  What can they do anyway?  What can happen to me?  Does anyone know?
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I'm sorry you've had to go through 2 miscarriages in the last year. I can't imagine how you feel. I've also had 2 but mine were about 5 years apart. I didn't think you were supposed to bleed that heavy after a D & E. I thought they pretty much cleaned everything out. I don't know what the dr would of done. I've heard of people needing 2nd d & c. Have you ever had you hcg levels checked? Everyones body is different and yours has certainly had a rough year. I hope you are getting better both emotionally and physically.
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Thank you EAHTLH.  It has been rough.  I was just sharing on another topic that I went through a very rough grieving period and that one of the things that helped me tremendously was some articles about coping with miscarriage and life after miscarriage from this website:  allaboutlifechallenges.org

I am doing much better now.  I guess most of my emotional energy is becoming consumed with test results and researching answers and such.  

I am very glad to have found this forum though.  
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