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Period with no O??!!

Ok so i have been on fertilaid for about a month and a half.  My last cycle was unusually short, lasting a mere 26 days to my normal 30+.  Well for the past 2 days or so i am getting this cramping in my lower abdomen.  I have been using ovulation strips almost everyday since day 5 of my cycle here it is day 27 and no O!!!  But im getting symptoms like my period is coming but i thought you got a period because of ovulation... something like..... the follicle becoming responsible for the decrease in hormones because the egg dies, no fertilization, no pregnancy, follicle dies, and hormones drop making the endometrium shed for your cycle?  Can you get a period without having ovulation?  Im figuring I can't be pregnant because - no ovulation...any suggestion??? Any responses are appreciated in advance.

Baby dust 2 all!!!!
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As you know, I took FertilAid this cycle.  Acutally, I stoped it about a week or so ago.  AF is late, I was due yesterday.  I tested then, BFN. I never did get a positive with OPK; however, based on CM and temps I did probably ovulate around cycle day 22/23 which is pretty normal for me.  I think that the FertilAid just lengthened my Luteal phase, which is a good thing in itself.  

I know that you can have annovulatory (spelling?) cycles and then have bleedingm (starting your next cycle).. I forget the reasoning in this...
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Annovulatory cycles are really more common than we think. It's just that most of us aren't watching for o every cycle. If you don't o again next cycle, you should see your dr. If you do o, it was likely just an annovulatory cycle. I always feel so robbed when I get one.
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i am going to continue using my strips and pills until af comes or doesnt come. my chart on mymonthlycycle says i should have ovulated 0729 and i think i had a positive test 0730, so i guess im in my 2ww with you!!!!
did you feel any different type cramping or anything around your o date? im thinkng now maybe what i had been feeling is o pain - i hope so :-)
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that is so true - and really guess this is the first full month, almost,  that i have been testing daily. guess within the next weeks i should know if my maybe was a yes or no :)
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