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Please post your sucess stories for us who are TTC

Thought I would start this thread....
Will be very grateful if all those who have had BFP's, are pregnant, or already deleivered their angels to post their stories here.It would be a great motivation for all of us who are TTC. Time and again we keeploosing our hopes, we keep telling ourselves that we cant, or we stop our treatments thinking thatmaybe we are not being diagnosed right SO AM CALLING OUT AND REQUESTING ALL THE LUCKY LADIES WITH BFP'S TO POST THEIR SUCESS STORIES HERE TO HELP US BE STRONG!!!. Would appreciate if you could write in the following pattern:

How many years of TTC ittook you to finally get the sucess?
What was your condition diagnosed if any?
What were the treatments that you underwent?
What were the course of meds that you were prescribed?
What did you do besides the advise provided in general?
And finally your sucess story and the happiness :)
Look forward to a lot of posts to keep us ladies going :)

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My dh and I had been TTC for almost 4 years. Finally got BFP in June by our 1st try at IVF (which isn't cheap or easy)
The condition we were diagnosed with was I have a blocked fallopian tube, and he has low sperm morphology, both conditions the Re said shouldn't just cause infertility but obviously it does :o).
I was on clomid for 5 months, did IUI's for 3 (or 4) with clomid, then took a year off of trying to give us a break from all the heartbreak...  After our year off we came back and were ready to take out a loan for IVF...
We were on the antagonist cycle of IVF and had 2 eggs transferred, 1 took so now I am about 14 weeks pregnant :o)
We are very excited since the journey wasn't as easy for us as it is for most other people... It was soooo hard to not give up hope but we didn't and finally we have a baby on the way :o)  
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We are trying ttc again but the birth of my 2nd son in Oct 2008 was a great success story! We ttc'd for 14 months, 8 months on our own and then went to OB, took Femara for 3 months no luck, went to RE.  The RE Doubled my Femara dosage, HSG and Ovidrel shot and we were pregnant within 3 months.We have unexplained fertility so we have no idea what the problem is for us. I am having another HSG performed tomorrow in hopes to get lucky with the same method again :-)
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We are trying for almost 2 and 1/2 year and married for 7 yrs.

We are unexplained and tried clomid/IUI for 3 months then 1st IVF failed which put us in lot of pressure and worries that something must be wrong with us. But drs are keep telling us they r also surprised and just hang in there.

Finally got pregnant with natural FET this month. We r happy & praying for healthy baby.

Really It was so hard to not give up hope but after failed IVF I was out of mind and pressure from family just broke us badly. But because mercy of GOD we have a baby on the way.

Good attitude is the key I believe but I know after not getting result in our favor it is difficult task. DH and I are keep praying for all who is in the journey and hoping success soon.

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DH and I were ttc for about 15 months.  Went to the Re after a little less than a year, and found out that DH has low morphology (which my Re said CAN cause infertility...all depends on who you talk to I guess since I've read both) and I have low hormone levels. In August we started our first IUI cycle with Clomid and Ovidrel, and me on Estradiol and Prometrium.  8 weeks pregnent on Thursday!
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Okay..I would be more than happy! My beta came back good today..so I'm on cloud nine! God has so richly blessed us this week. We have been ttc for 19 months. The first 6 months we weren't obsessive about it..and just said it would happen eventually. That leads me to the last 13- At first we did clomid 50mg day 3-7 because my progesterone came back a little low. I took clomid for 5 months I think. The first three months- that alone. We had to take two months off because my husband was gone for training. That brings us to the last 6 months. DH's sperm count came back with 0 sperm once, and 3.5 mil once, and 13 mil once. All with low mob. My obgyn said we may need a donor and sent him for multiple test  with a urologists...(it was horrible) He also send him to male fertility urologist who prescribed DH with Clomid 25 mg/day. We had two failed iui's at Ob office and then finally went to fertility clinic where re said IVF with ICSI was probably best bet with DH's sperm count. First two iui's that failed I used clomid, trigger, and estradoil and of course pre nat.. vitamin. Back to re- He said he would suggest trying one more iui. We did and we couldn't even use meds because I had a 30mm cyst. DH's count was 4.4 mil post wash- And yesterday I read those beautiful words PREGNANT! I hope everything continues to look good. I think 4 things really helped us this time- 1. God, 2. lack of stress on DH 3.he taking clomid, and re doing iui (because they do so with u/s so you can be exactly sure the sperm went into the uterus). I don't think obgyn was as precise? Hope this helps and I wish Baby dust to all! Please keep me in your prayers that my next beta with look good too!
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we have been TTC for 5 years, had a few pregnancy losses last pregnancy was ectopic since then i lost my right tube that was 2 years ago.... since my ectopic we did 4 ovulation inductions, 2 IUI's, 1 IVF, 1 FET all resulted in BFN also tried clomid, didn't work  and was told that we are unexplained!!!!!
After going through "HELL" we decided to take a few months off coz we where drained financially, physically and emotionally, so we took a break and during that break we got a BFP natrually...DH and I were shocked it was somthing we were not expecting.

so for all still TTC, it will happen nothing is impossible, it will happen when the time is rite... NEVER GIVE UP!!!
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We are unexplained, did all the test all came back normal. Been together 8 years never use protection but nothing started getting serious last year...did clomid with iui, also did gonal F injections with iui no success. First IVF/ICSI (Hubby sperm was okay but my RE didnt want to take any chances and decided to do ICSI) got a BFP we were elated. Today i am 19weeks 3 days and enjoying every moment of this pregnancy.

Gook luck to all trying and never give up I thought we will never be able to have kids but thanks to my RE who never gave up on us too.
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thxx a lot to all your detailed responses..its a great motivation for TTCing people :)...thx a ton again adn hope for more here  ...
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We tried for about 4 and a half years. Male infertility, low sperm count and low motility.
Had 2 IUI's failed,
2 failed IVF.
Third IVF last year on July, had 3 frozen embryo transfer and the last one one with only 3 fertilized embryos only one took.

Now I have a wonderful 2 months old baby boy.

So girsl don't give up, I know about the aches , pains and deceptions but please, please don't give up, it will happen.
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some of the things i did to get BFP.
Sep 16, 2009 12:13PM - 2 comments - (Public)

ok my story:- TTC since last 6 years,i have stage-1endometriosis(i did leproscopy 4 that)high prolactin harmone which is in control by medicine.my AF is regular,i ovulate everymont,but still never concived so did 3 IUI's after leproscopy,but no luck dr ask to do IVF we were not convinced so tryed by ourself couple of years but unfortunately no luck ,so we decide to do IVF,we did our first ivf in feb2009,26eggs,15 embroyos.6went to blastocyst,did my transfer unfortunatel report was BFN.i lose all my hopes,my RE said so many times 1st ivf fails becasue of the harmonal medicines which we take to produce more egg ,she said i should try for frozen transfer,she suggested me to do natural FET,if it wont work then i have to do leproscopy again & then try for 3rd ivf but 2nd frozen transfer.so after waiting one month we started out 2nd ivf but 1st FET NATURAL,without any medicine,mean while i started accupuncture,i go 4 acupunture they r specialist for IVF & IUI.& gues what I GOT MY !ST BFP IN MY LIFE TODAY>iam 9dpet today,& my beta level is 380,my nurse said which is a very good number.so i want to share my sucess & tips with u all so u can try too who ever is doing IUI or IVF.
& i belive i got my BFP only because of this because in 6 years i tryed everything but this is the tips i gues gave me BFP.

>i would suggest every one should try acupuncture but u should go to the specialist who does accupun---for infertility,also do acupuncture on the day B4 & after transfer.thats what i did.
>  eat yam dont eat raw,boiled yam as much as u can u should only eat till u ovulate the day u ovulate u should stop eating yam.

> dont eat anyfrozen or priservativefoods,try to eat fresh food.no meat,no milk product,no seafood,no seafood, no polished grains like no white rice,no white flours,anything which is polished eat fresh veges & lots & lots of fruits.everything should be cooked no raw foods.thats what my acupunctursit suggeted me b4 my 2nd ivf i& i followed & i got BFP.
>drink lots of water no gatorade or any thing only water.
>keep yourself warm always wear socks.
> most important thing on the day of my transfer my acupuncturist sugest me to eat pinaple core,not pinapple no no pinapple,but pinaple core,eat half the core starting from the day u transfer for 3 days.it helps for implantation.
>eat almond & walnuts.
> lower ur salt & sugar in take,dont take any sugar suplement.
>& read this book The Infertility Diet : Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage

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The Infertility Diet : Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage  

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