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I am on birth control! This month has been abnormal I forget pills and dot take them til the next day. 24 he's later! I had unprotected sex last night! I has missed my pill the night before! But j have been taking them all off for the month! Is there a chance I could get pregnant considering that I will be getting my period within the next week or 2? I just want answers!
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Considering you're due your period in the enxt week or 2, you could be around a fertile time right now. The pill works by preventing ovulation, but if not taken correctly then you could well ovulate and get pregnant.
So there is a chance, yes. All you can do is wait till your next period and if it doesn't show then take a pregnancy test. There is also the chance, that due to taking the pill incorrectly your cycle could be messed up and so your period could be late. So if you test and it's negative then that's most likely the cause.
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most women Ovulate 14 days before there period starts. If u have a normal 28 day cycle every month then u ovulate on cd 14. cd 1 is the the first day of your period. If u have a 30day cycle then u ovulate on cd 16. I hope this helps.  sperm can live up to 5 days!!! The egg can live for 24 hours after u ovulate so u have a few days that u could get pregnant from.

that being said .. if u know what your cervical mucus was like then you might know more. if it was white and creamy on that day then more than likely u missed your ovulation period but if it was like egg whites and stretch then u hit it dead on.  

I hope u get what u want out of this. it never hurts to use bcp's and condoms.
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Thank you a bunch! What would be the normal symptoms at first for pregnancy minus a missed period
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You really can't go on symptoms. They don't determine pregnancy adn can easily be signs of PMS or something else. A missed period is usually the only dead set sign of pregnancy. Otherwise, anything else like sickness, tiredness, breast pain can all be attributed to other things too.
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