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Pregnancy Symptoms - After IUI

Hey ladies......do you guys know any pregnancy symptoms after IUI?  I had my first IUI 14 days ago and my period still does not start yet even no any spotting.  I did have some cramps this week which is 10 days after IUI.  I am supposed to call my RE next Monday if my period does not start 14 days from IUI.  I am hoping if you guys know any pregnancy symptoms......

Thanks a bounch and have a great weekend!
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Hi bc729

Did your iui work?
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Are you on progesterone?  Sometimes that can cause your period to be late.
14 dpo sounds good.  Cramps can be a sign of pregnancy,and  bloating.  Other symptoms can be a pulling feeling in your lower abdomen, sore breasts, fatigue.
Did you do a home pregnancy test??
Good luck to you!
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At 14 days IUI I think you can do a hpt.  Unfortunately 14 dpo is still often too early for symptoms, and many that do occur can also come with AF.  Your best bet is an HPT or bloodwork.  I am actually a bit surprised your DR isn't haveing you come in for bloodwork in the next couple of days.  Good luck to you!!
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I agree with Adgal. I did IUI and tested day 10---came up negative. 2 days later tested and it was positive. I never knew I was pregnant, especially after the false negative. My "symptoms" felt like my period was coming on (you know, that light crampy/bloated feeling) and  the worse backache imaginable. My husband was rubbing my back so hard that I strongly believe that he caused some subchoronic bleeding patches (unknowingly). Thank god we stopped the pressure point rubs as soon as the ultrasound showed it.

Good luck. Wishing you all the best.
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Me & my wife have been trying to have a baby for about 5 years. We finally went to the fertility clinic and tried clomid for about 3 months on one month off another because she would have an ovary enlarged the following month and not pregnant. 2 weeks ago we decided to get more aggressive and did clomid for 5 days, estrogen shots 3 days. Last Thursday we went and did the IUI. We went on a 3 day vacation this weekend and my wife said that her abdomen area is hurting on both sides and she's tired. She slept most of the weekend in the hotel. We came home last night and she did a clearblue pregnancy test and it showed pregnant. My question to all the ladies that have gone through this process is, Is my wife pregnant or is it a false positive because of the estrogen shots?
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I just went through the IUI procedure, my 1st ever, I opted to start with gonal from the get go and ended up with mature 4 follicles, we did the ovidril trigger shot and IUIs back to back on 12&13 June.. We also opted the do the sperm wash to increase the chances of fertilization by introducing only the strongest of the sperm (expensive but, motility and volume were good after processing!). Aside from bloating, extreme hunger ...maybe stress induced?, occasional fatigue and very swollen itchy boobs I have seen nothing, I do get occasional twinges from my ovaries ( or where I think they should be) and I have been on the vaginal progesterone since AM of 14 June... our blood test is scheduled for 27th (14 days after the 1st iui)... I am trying to keep my hopes up ... but lack of symptoms makes me wonder if all this was worth it... we are hoping for multiples but will be equally pleased with having 1.... I am sorely tempted to buy a pregnancy kit.... but, after having read other people's experience of seeing negatives over a series of days and then positive results I will save my mulah... like you my period is scheduled to start on the same day as my test... and I usually get a spot or 2 a few days before.... so that is not even an indicator for me if the fertilized egg has implanted...
We have been trying for 15 years to get pregnant!
did beta test this morning came back positive... 2nd test ordered for next 48 hour test to see if my levels double... wish me luck! and lots of babydust
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