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Pregnancy after a Laparoscopy

Has anyone had any luck with pregnancy after a laparoscopy?  We've been trying for two years and decided it was time.   I have mine scheduled in two weeks and am wondering what my chances are afterward and was hoping for some success stories!  Also, what all is involved with this and what is the recovery time?
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I had a lap done after 2 years of trying.   It was the best decision I ever made since my dr finally found what's causing the problem.  I got my bfp few weeks ago, about 6 months after my lap.  

It's an invasive surgery and will take you about 4 days to recover.  You will not even remember it since you will be totally under.  I think it's a necessary procedure before you move on to more invasive treatments.  

Good luck!!!!

p.s. if you have any questions just send me a message
What did they dicover while they were in there?
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I just had one yesterday.  I am totally fine today!  I walked three miles and even did some light housecleaning.  The only thing that hurt is my incisions and my throat(from the oxygen tube).  Also, I'm super fat like I'm three months pregnant, but that will go away. I didn't even need meds.  You'll be totally fine.  I guess you and I are in the same boat right now, ttc for two years and now a lap.  God bless both of us with BFPs soon!
I wish i could say that i had the same experice. I just got my lap done 2 days ago on the 29th and i am still very limited to what i can do. I am very sore and moving around is limited. They removed mild endo and flushed my tubes with dye.
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I had my exploratory lap. last summer and was up and about that night....not heavy lifting obviously, but otherwise fine.  I did not have endo. so my lap. was pretty quick so that made a difference I am sure.
I did not get my BFP for several months after, but it is certainly far from uncommon to get a BFP during the next month.
Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think it depends on what they find when they go in.  I had a lap in December and I had a substantial amount of endo burned/cut out.  I was easily down for the count for 4-5 days, and probably not 100% til about a week later.  But I was surprised that I could do things like get up the stairs "OK" (meaning I took my time but didn't need dh's help) that same night.  They even booted me out of the hospital about 2 hours after my surgery was done.  I'm pretty sure Houston79 (who had a quick recovery) was like kindergal and didn't have anything burned off or cut out either.  All in all I'd say no matter what you'll be pretty much 100% within a week - probably sooner and certainly sooner if they don't find anything.  

I tried for 7 months on clomid with no success before the lap, and my very first attempt 3 months after the lap (IUI w/injectables) I got a BFP.  It didn't stick, but it was my first BFP so it was huge progress.   Plus the lap helped IMMENSELY for my painful periods.

Good luck to you.
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I had a friend that I worked with who suffered MAJOR period pains from Endo.  She was told that she'd never be able to have kids.  She battled the disease for soo long and took so many trial drugs.  She then had 2 laps done and again was told that things didn't look so good for her.  All of a sudden, she announced that she was 5 months pregnant with her first child! She was in shock, she didn't tell any of us until she was 5 months along! She got pregnant naturally, no meds, no iui, no ivf.

Her son is now 3 years old.  She got pregnant later with her second child and had a baby girl.  So the lap must be a good thing for those with extensive endo damage.
I always think of her when i'm down, there is hope for us out there.  If my current IVF cycle doesn't work, i'm going to focus on treating the endo.

-Just thought i'd share her story...
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I had my lap done in October then I went on b/c for 3 months to try and stabalize my system a bit.  I got my BFP in April. I truly believe that after 17 months the lap contributed to our success.
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