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Pregnancy after hysterectomy

I am looking for some answers on pregnancy after hysterectomy. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago where they left my left ovary. Do you think there is a chance of getting pregnant? I really want another child. Had hysterectomy due to ectopic pregnancy & endometritis. Any stories on this or comments would be appreciated. Wish me luck!!!!!!!
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ok if you had your uterus removed, where is the baby going to grow?? are you talking about having a surrogate?
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Hire a surogate, without a uterus you can't carry a baby.
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I agree, I'm sorry for your situation, but without an uterus you can't carry the baby.
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I have read alot of cases where the baby was attached either to a ovary or the abdomin wall & has survived. I will pray & keep hopeing that I have the baby that I want. I have all the symptoms of being preganant the same as when I had my daughter 8 years ago.
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I dont think that you can get pregnant without a uterus!  I have never heard of the baby implanting on the ovary or anywhere else and surviving.  I think if that was the case then there would be LOTS of women out there falling preggo after a hyster!!
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no you cant do that. there is no way. by trying to have a baby this way i fear you might have an ectopic. please talk to your dr before you even think its possible. sorry. interesting.
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if you by chance are pg, you HAVE  to go to the dr or er immediately! an ectopic pg is life threatning. please dont mess with that.
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do you think you're pg, or just wanting to be?  i'm sorry, but there just isn't any way for you to carry a child.
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I am not sure if I am but I have the swoolen breast filling with milk, the left side of my stomache is harder than my right, I have gained 40 lbs in a month and my mood swings could cause someone bodily harm. I have also been craving rootbeer popsicles & ice chips which is what I craved with my other nine pregnancies. i also feel movement on the left side and have for about the last week and a half. yes I am scared but I will not let them take another baby from me.
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mattox i dont mean to be rude but i think you need a dr and now. for several reasons. to gain 40 pounds in one month could be a serious health problem. you do understand that without a uterus there can be no pregnancy. who took your baby? what  do you mean? are you on medications for emotional symptoms? sweety i think you do need to find a dr and today. good luck.
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If you gained 40 lbs in a month then I would say you have serious problems.  That is highly unlikely.  If you are preggo (Which you should take a test) then you should go to the dr IMMEDIATELY!  It can be life threatening.  How do you know your bbs have milk in them?  You dont even get AF after a hysterectomy so I dont see how you could be preggo.  I think you're living in a fantasy world!!  Get a surrogate and if you do then I say good luck.  Other than that i dont!!
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No, there have been NO cases of an embryo attaching to an ovary or to the abdominal wall and surviving. Those are both forms of ectopic pregnancies, and they simply will not survive. Search all you want, but you will not find a case where a pregnancy was carried to term outside of the uterus.

They symptoms you're describing sound like a phantom pregnancy.
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