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Pregnancy help we are trying to get pregat for 4 years

My girlfriend and I been have sex for 4 years now and still not pregnant why not?
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You might see if your girlfriend will see her OB/GYN. That is the doctor who would be able to start the preliminary testing as to why it hasn’t happened yet and maybe prescribe something for her to take to increase her chances each month.
Best of luck!
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I agree with Belle!  Four years is a pretty long time to be trying with no luck. How old is she and you?  Agree totally with our wise Belle to start talking to a doctor about testing things to see if there is a problem or just fluke.  Let us know!
I'm 45 she is 26
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Okay, got it. She's young and definitely in prime child bearing years.  You're older.  You may need some sperm mobility tests too so would be good for you to get checked as well.  I made my husband wear  boxers only when were TTC and no hot tubs.  LOL Something I'd read and I was getting desperate so did whatever I could that I had control over.  It took us several years to have our first so I've been in your shoes.  
you two should go to the doctor together---  and discuss this.

Here is a general formula though.  On the first day of her cycle which is the first day of her period, start counting.  On day 10 of her cycle, begin having intercourse EVERY OTHER day for the next 10 days.  Do this longer if she has a longer than average cycle.  This is the best way to catch the egg.  good luck
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I'm sorry. I understand your concern. The best thing to do is to see dr as soon as possible. You both should pass all the needed tests to get the issue nailed and seek further professional help. Dr will also advise on some meds or supplements which might be useful. Unfortunately we aren't the experts here. Good luck!
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You'll need to pass the following tests: Progesterone CD21 Blood Test. LH, FSH, Estrogen, Progesterone & Testosterone CD2-5 Blood Test. Ultrasound on Uterus. HSG Scan. Your fertility dr will ask about your habits, stress levels, diets etc. He'll discuss your girlfriend's BMI, whether it's ok for the process. as you know it might be the obstacle when ttc. He'll study you precious med histories. Every app is held for two, both are involved, so be ready to pass the needed tests too. The first step is always hard to make. But every step makes you closer to your aim. All the best.
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