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Pregnancy signs after IVF

Hello ladies, here I am 4 dpt and I am wondering how I can suss out any pregnancy signs?  The progesterone was giving me sore bbs before the transfer even happened.  I have been having some twinging and the past 2 days have been a bit gassy (I am a joy to be around ^_^) but that is no different than when af is coming. I have been sleeping a heck of a lot more however and have a slight headache.  Am I just stuck waiting for the beta test on the 6th or can I look at some of these symptoms with hope?

I have been giving the embies daily pep talks and letting them know that everyone out here is rooting for them and can't wait to meet them and give them snuggles. Both grandmothers-in-waiting (my mother-in-law and my grandmother) are trying so hard to not get overly excited as are DH and I.  While I feel in my heart that this is it and we did it....there is a part of me that will never believe that we succeeded until we are watching the kid/s graduate college.

I hope you are all doing well and having a decent week!

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First - good luck!  I hope you get your BFP!!!  SSBD to you!

I was in the same boat - all through the process, everything looked fantastic and we transferred three babies and while I never thought all three would implant, I was confident that one of them had. Unfortunately, it was not to be for me!  I truly believe that it was all part of a bigger process and that's where I am now!  I believe that I will get pregnant on my own and well, that's another story!  

I am praying for you and wishing you the best - but there are really no tell tale signs for pregnancy!  Everything can be explained - stay positive, stay busy and wait until you can see the test for yourself! It really is the best way! :)
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Can I ask you how many cells your embryos split to before you did the transfer?  I really hope this is your month.  Good Luck!!!
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They were 8 cell and high quality.  
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Hi Kele -

I had just the symptoms you described - maybe some minor cramping 2-3 dpt.  Other than that, except for progesterone symptoms, really no pregnancy symptoms at all.  In fact I was convinced that I would get a negative beta but I was wrong and I'm now 31 weeks pg.  It's so hard to tell if you're pregnant at this early stage - really you have to wait for the blood test - sorry about that!!!  Don't lose the hope and ssbd to you!
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Thank you 40smamma.  I am doing my best to not dwell on every little thing...but it is hard.  Was it your first attempt at IVF?
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I had tremendous syptoms and miscarried
the next time I had NO symptoms and a healthy baby - I didn;t beleive I was preggo and didn't think the baby would be alive at the U/s
last transfer - I knew I was preggo - just felt different so many things - BUt my betas did not increase regularly so I didn;t even get to u/s stage
hope that helps
good luck
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