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Pregnant with twins

So is anyone pregnant with twins, or had twins? I'm not sure what to expect with this pregnancy, or post-partum. I'm especially worried about breast feeding.
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hi i just found out that im expecting. we have not ruled out twins yet. do you remember what your quantive hcg level?
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Don't you worry about a thing..... there is always baby formula and hubby to help... you will figure out as time comes. There is a forum in here for twins.. look under pregnancy and ask them :)

Good luck with everything!!!
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Don't worry and stress. My doctor told me that if I have twins my body(breasts) should produce enough milk for both. I recommend going to yur local hospital and check into breast feeding support groups or multiples support group. They are truly wonderful. Good luck!
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i'm almost 18wks w/ twins :)  i'm not sure what to expect either since this is my first pregnancy & nobody i know has multiples. It's exciting though! I'm slowly learning to train my mind to think in terms of "two".
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I do know a couple of people who breast fed twins. One of them supplimented after a couple of months and the other didn't at all. I know when I was pg with my ds I went to the breast feeding class at my local hospital and they were full of information and explained that breastfeeding with twins is no different. The more they eat the more milk you produce. I strictly breast fed my ds until he was a year old and then still at night until he was 18 months. It is great and you can do it, good luck!
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My sister just had twins about three months ago. It's more work, that's for sure, but dh and family can help out with the chores and what nots. Also, many moms of multiples have to go on bed rest a bit early. I think my sis spent 4-6 weeks on bed rest before the babies arrived. I think it was closer to 4. Also, expect to give birth a week or two early, as that is common with twins. My sis also had pregnancy symptoms "twice as bad" she says! However, this was her first pregnancy. Now that the babies have arrived, she is thrilled and couldn't imagine only having one!

Congrats and it will be great! :)
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