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Prolactin and infertility

Just wondering how an elevated prolactin causes infertility or affects your ability to conceive? is it only because it affects ovulation? I have an elevated level, i have been tested twice (first time was 25, second was 44). I get regular periods and have just undergone cycle montering which confirmed that I ovulated. We have been trying to get pregnant, but no luck yet. Was wondering if it could be related to my elevated prolactin level and if so, how does it exactly affect it? since i ovulate would that mean that it has not had an effect.
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hi. actually i have the same prb n i also have progestrone level  5.5 at day 20th of cycle if u know any thing then please guide me ..i shall be very grateful to u...... becoz im also ttc from 1 year ....
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Hi Kar611,

I found this on the Internet, but not sure if this would help.

Normal levels.

Prolactin levels are measured using different units in different laboratories, and this can cause considerable confusion. Traditionally, prolactin levels were measured in ng/ml, and normal prolactin levels in women are less than 20 ng/ml. The new units are pmol/l and to convery you need to multiply by 44. This means the normal level is less than 700 pmol/l or mIU/L

High prolactin levels can cause anovulation. Some women with hyperprolactinemia may also notice that they have a milky discharge from their breasts. This is called galactorrhea. Patients with pituitary tumours have very high levels – typically more than 100 ng/ml.

A high prolactin level could sometimes just be because of stress – and even the stress of doing a venepuncture for drawing a blood sample can cause an artificial elevation in your prolactin levels. This means that if your levels are high, they should be re-checked, to reconfirm this diagnosis, before proceeding further.

A marginal elevation of your prolactin level is unlikely to be of any clinical importance, so don't worry too much about this. Unfortunately, we find that some doctors are so focussed to " treating high prolactin levels"  that they suspend further testing or treatment if they find the levels are high. This is not sensible. The infertility workup should be completed.
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Thanks! i actually saw that when i did a google search.

i guess i just have to wait till i see the doctor in may to find out what the effect is and if that is why i am not getting pregnant
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