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Provera after Novasure Ablation

I had a Novasure ablation and I am beginning the process before IVF. I have to wait to do any blood tests until I have a period. But, highly unlikely since I havent had one in 2 yrs. However I started spotting last month for 1 day. But, this month, nothing. So they prescribed me Provera for 7days 10mg. Is anyone familiar with how Provera may help me out? I am nervous bcus, the nurse mentioned that if Provera doesn't work for me they will have to bring me in for an Ultrasound.... Has anyone else been through the same thing?
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I had tubal ligation and endometrium ablation.  I get a period 3 days very light. would IVf work for my husband and I?
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i had the ablation over 2 yrs ago, have just had light spotting since then. i am now wanting to have a baby and taking estrogen and provera for the past month. i am on my seven days off and as of today no period. i feel as tho i am wasting my time. is there anyone out there that has gone through the same thing and what is your out come so far? thanks
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I am in the same boat as you. I was some what informed of the ablation affects. Wendy 813 and scienceteacher79 are correct...to an extent. I have been seeing a specialist and a fertility doctor. Some ablations do not work. Mind did not...It failed. I didnt have any bleeding for 3 years and the last 2 I have had speratic periods. My husband and I want to conceive however I have had an ablation as well as a tubal ligation. When we looked into the idea of conceiving a child of our own my gynecologist recommended me to see a fertility doctor. Which I am doing, my gyno also found that my uterus is in great shape even after having an ablation. I have started 10 mg provera to help my periods since they are hit and miss. If you are seeing a fertility specialist and he feels your fine conceiving I say go for it!!!! Please keep me posted there is not many of us out that trying to have a baby after ablation. Best Wishes
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I am a nurse in the operating room and a novasure ablation does burn the lining of the uterus and usually makes you unable to conceive.  Did you know that before the procedure?  The trouble is implantation.  Did your OBGYN know you wanted more children?
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I was under the impression (my mom had the Novasure done) that the Novasure makes your uterus "not suitable" for pregnancy? They only did it after my mother assured them she didn't want anymore kids. She was going through early menopause and she was told she could possibly never have a period again. Did they ever mention as of this to you?
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