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Question about my FSH, LH levels

I was wondering if anyone here has levels of FSH and LH like I do. I did some blood work at my doctors office mid cycle, almost eactly mid cycle and here were the results:

Estradiol: 478 pg/ml
Estrogens: Total 558 pg/ml
FSH: 0.7 L (mlu/ml)
LH: 4.9 mlu/ml
Progesterone: 1.8 ng/ml
Testosterone: 87 ng (slightly high)

I have extremely painfull periods and have been unable to concieve for a couple years. I haven't really seen a specialist about it yet, but I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light as to what some of my test results show. I have very regular periods, but they are Very heavy and painful. I also have hair loss on my head, and excessive bodily hair. I've had an ultrasound done of my uterus and three small cycts were found on my left ovary and one on my right. My doctor said everyone has some and it's probably not the reason for my slightly high testosterone. Just looking for anyone who knows what might be going on. I am 27, weight 125 pounds and have been out of work for a while due to very low energy.

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FSH really on counts on cd3. Any days much beyond cd4 it could be almost anywhere. Drs like to see FSH below 10 on cd3. The lower the better, as it has some bearing on ovarian reserve. The Lh seems to be in the normal range for this time of cycle. It can fluctuate throughout as well, especially if you have cysts. The symptoms you are describing are very common to PCOS. Did the dr mention it at all?
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Have you had your thyroid checked?  I have thyroid issues and it definitely can cause hair loss and energy changes...
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It sounds like you have PCOS, you should ask you doctor ab it.
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