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Question about my temps

Hey ladies! I need advice! I've never temped before, but i need to know if my temps sound like pregnancy has taken place. Last sat morning, my temp was 98.1, sun 98.2, mon 98.2, tues 98.6, wed 98.6, yesterday 98.6, and today 98.8. All temps were taken at 8 am. Plus i don't know what this means, but tues afternoon, my temp was 99.5, wed afternoon, my temp was 99.7, and yesterday all day, beginning at 10 am, my temp was 97.7, but when i went to bed it was down to 99.1, and it was also like that tues night and wed night. Yesterday was 10dpiui, and i got a faint positive on $ tree test. So this morning, i took another $ tree test, and it was neg. I can see on today's test there is a very very faint line, but wouldn't it be getting darker if i was pg? Also, this month i did clomid/hcg shot/ iui/ progesterone suppositories. I did the shot on the 5th, so maybe is it still from that? Af is due on the 21st, so do you think i should just quit testing and wait to see if af shows? Thanks girls!
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You say you are taking your temps at 8am ea am. Are you taking them in bed when you 1st wake up? I notice you have some afternoon and evening temps, too.

Daytime temps don't tell anything. The only true temps that count and are "basal" are temps that are taken after a minimum 4hrs sleep and taken immediately upon waking, before your feet even touch the floor. Once you get up and start moving around, your temp starts to climb and is no longer useful for bbt.

At 10dpiui/trigger, it is still possible to have residual Hcg from the trigger shot. The average is about 10days for 10,000 units to get out of your system. I'd give it a couple more days and try again. $trees for the most part are ok, but are known for false pos and evaps. Good luck!
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I don't wake up until 8 am, and i keep my thermometor right by the bed. I don't get up and move around before taking my temps. As for those afternoon temps, I just took my temp again because i felt very hot, like hot flashes, and those were my temps. Of course i know you can't go by your afternoon temps, but i was just letting everyone know. Also, if the average is 10 days for the hcg to be out of my system from the shot, that would've been last tuesday. I took the shot on the 5th, not the day of my iui. I realize it still could be from the shot, but i'm hoping not. I took a second test today, and it was faint positive, darker then this morning's test, and the same color as yesterday's test. I'm done testing though. I'll just wait until monday, and if af doesn't show i'll test tuesday morning. I was just wondering about my temps since i'm nowhere close to being an expert on those. I was just wondering if they looked promising? Any advice on that would be great!
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GOOD LUCK!!! I HOPE AF DOESNT SHOW HER FACE!!!!! how many cycle have you tried with this combo?
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Thanks, i don't have my heart set on it yet though! This is my first cycle. Actually this is my first medicated cycle ever. Do you know anything about these temps?
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That is a great sign! If the trigger was that much sooner, it is likely gone. It is really sounding hopeful for you!

Without previous charts to compare, it's hard to really say. Some women have that high of temps after o. My pregnant temp runs between 98.2 & 98.4. But, there are lots of bfp charts that are lower and higher. My normal post o temps aren't that high.

After your normal Lp, if the temps are still up, it is a sign of possible pg. They look really good now and the fact the last test is darker than the prior one is really encouraging. I'd buy a digital and do it in the am. I hope it says "pregnant"!
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Thanks girls! I'll keep you updated. I have myself convinced that i'm not pg, and it's still the shot, that way if i am actually pg then i will be suprised! Thanks for your support and encouragement! God bless!
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