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Hi i have a problem which scares me and im wondoring if its normal or not, im 17 year sof age and this may have been heppening a long time but only a few months ago i noticed thi.

when i ejaculate my sperm sometimes has some type of silcone like lumps there are the usual white as my sperm and are not hard they can be mushy best way to explain them is like a clear peace of rubbery type lump.

what could this be ???

please help me
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These are called protein globules and are usually not a problem for most men.  I don't know if I'd call it normal, but it is certainly not abnormal.  Sometimes they resolve on their own within an hour outside of the body in a process called liquifaction.  I wouldn't be worried though!
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Thankyou for this helped me a lot stopped me from worries, do you think i should see a doctor about this??
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You might want to check with a urologist to make sure there is nothing else going on, and maybe have a semen analysis done, but I don't think it's anything to be too concerned about, good luck!
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