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Sad... need to vent

I just need to vent... my husband and I have been ttc since July 2012 with no luck :( I just want to cry and cry and cry!! My husband has been super supportive, but I feel like it's never going to happen for us! I have had multiple friends lately that have announced their pregnancy. AF should be here in 3 days for me and I feel like I'm going to get it so another month of no bfp :( I am over weight and have been losing some weight to try and see if that helps. I also don't smoke and have cut down on my alcohol intake. Same with my husband. I have tried not to think about getting pregnant lately, but I have had a couple of friends announce their pregnancies the last couple of days which in turn makes me think about it. Also we have a lot of pressure from our families about having kids and I don't want them to know that we are ttc as I think it will make things worse for us. Okay I'm done thanks for listening!!!
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Hello and hope you are doing well.
There are various reasons which can cause failure in conceiving. Either male or female factors can affect fertility. Decreased sperm count, decreased motility all can affect fertility. Advanced age, varicocoele are few causes related to male infetlity.PID, blockage of fallopian tube, ovulation dysfunction; hormonal imbalances all can affect fertility. You will need a clinical examination and tests like hormonal assay, basic pelvic scan and thyroid function tests. Further evaluation like HSG, semen analysis of your partner will depend on the previous test results. Seek the appointment of an infertility expert at the earliest. Do keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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This is hard to read such posts. I'm sorry you are going through such rough time in your life. But the hardest for me is to admit I feel the same... I can't hold back my tears now. This is exactly what happening inside me for last 8 years. We've gone through so many things. This is so painful... We get nothing instead of our trying. I'm truly sorry you're feeling this way. I'm sorry for both of us. I'm trying so hard not to lose hope. Maybe one day... Maybe very soon I will hold my baby in my arms... Hun, if everything is so bad that it makes you think you can do smth bad to yourself, please don’t. As it was said in previous comments, you better go to a specialist. Talk your feelings out. I think I should do the same. I hope it will help a bit…
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I'm sorry you're feeling this way, hun! I'm not in the best position. I shared my story as Newbie and I believe I can imagine the tough moments you're going through. Not so long ago I started my family, dh is super, loving, caring, supportive. I experienced 13 months ttc with my ex with no result so we decided to investigate the issues in a fertility clinic. The problem is in me. Moreover, they can't find the reasons except for unexplained infertility. I also have extra lbs and think they are one of the obstacles. So right at the moment doing all I can to loose weight. Eating healthy, doing some yoga, taking supplements - both me and dh. Hopefully in a day or two I'm going to start injections. We're passing ivf cycle overseas. On the one hand it's good to stay apart from people waiting too much from us, full of pity we can't achieve pregnancy and saying they are sorry for that. A friend of mine even told we could have considered living childless!! - imagine - she is no longer my friend and I think this won't change. People have no right to judge us and tell what's better for us not knowing how this disaster effect our lives. Another thing is that it's thremendously hard not to feel jealous about other people's pregnancies. At home ladies around seem to fall prego in a finger snap and I couldn't endure this, so that we found ourselves that far from home (Ukraine). I believe here we might find long awaited peace. Now I'm praying for my eggs to work, though amh levels are low. If not we'll move onto donor eggs, whatever to have a baby. We've been waiting so long - seems entire life for this miracle to happen.
Thank you for reading, I do feel better. I'm also here if you want to let off steam. Huge hugs xxx
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