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Scared and need prayers

Hi Ladies,
I had an ultrasound today and they werent able to see the baby in my uterus or my tubes..I have to go back on friday for another blood test and ultrasound..The doc said I am in limbo right now and to try not to worry that either Im not as far along as I am or the baby implanted late..but by friday I should know if this pregnancy is viable or if I will misscarry or if its in my tubes..he said if I have any major pain to go to the emergency room at his hospital cause that means its in my tubes...I swear I knew something bad was gonna happen...I feel like im just not meant to be a mom..its like what the hell..Ive been thru so much to get this far and for me to misscarry now! How can I not worry? How can I not be sad! I dont know!!  I dont know what to do!!! Im so upset!
I am 5wks 6 days..my tests are as follows...
HCG 6/11- 38.5
HCG 6/16- 135
HCG 6/22- 1,347
Anyone else have this problem not seeing the baby at their U/S?? Anyone have any positive stories?
Thanks Ladies..
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OMG, I hope it's not an ectopic.  So sorry this is happening to you...

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IDK they checked my tubes and didnt see anything in them either! IDK what to think! Could i just be earlier and you cant see it yet? I heard that you usually dont see anything on u/s unless your beta reaches 1500-2000? Have you heard this before.? Also I dont have any side pain at all..The doc thinks there are 3 posibilities that i stated above..I am just trying to lay down and not stress so much..but its so hard!!
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i am sending hugs ... i hope its just too early to see anything  ...i am so sorry you are going through this aswell ..
*:O) erika
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I'm so sorry. Good luck. My prayers are with you.
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I'm so sorry! I hope it's too early!!! Wishing u the very best!!! It's good ur just laying down & relaxing, that's what ur body probably needs right now...
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your hcg seems to have doubled appropriately so hopefully it's just early, think positive, good luck
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This is saying a prayer for you!
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Did they see a sac and a yolk sac on the u/s b/c I know that we didn't see the baby until we were a little farther along. I will keep you in my prayers.
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Thank you for your positive thoughts!
To Jess553: they saw absolutly nothing..no sac or anything..my uterus they said looks great and thick like something should be in there..

Also I am sure on the dates cause I POS and know exactly the day I got the positive and I know exactly when i got AF..I am always regular.....Im so depressed..after all the hell I have been thru to get this far and to have to face something like this is so disappointing! I am just trying to stay positive!
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Don't fret, stay positive.  My prayers are with you.  Good luck!!
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My thoughts and prayers are with you.  I know its hard but try and remian positive over the next few days.  Stressing really doesn't help the situation at all. I know, I know easier said than done...

Remember, you are not alone...
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Personally, I don't think you're far enough along to see anything - I haven't done the dates but I know at my re's office, they don't do any u/s's until 7 weeks.  And I also read on the pregnancy 35+ forum that nothing is usually visible until the levels are 2,000+..  

I hope things go well on Friday - jen
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I believe in the power of positive thinking,stay positive and you will be just fine.
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u are in my prayers!!!!!!
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Thanks everyone! Your positive thoughts and prayers mean alot..I am just having a hard time understanding how my dates can be off when I POS to predict ovulation..so I know exactly when I ovulated..maybe in the end it really depends on when that egg came out and when it implanted? Do you think that my dates could be off even though I used an ovulation prediction kit and I know when I got a positive on my ovulation?
Thanks everyone!
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your numbers were low at the start and slow to rise.  You have every reason to worry about ectopic pregnancy.  I hope it's not the case.  Make sure your ob monitors you very closely.

I am so sorry you are going through this!!!!!
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