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Second Trimester Mommies

Hello girls, welcome to the second trimester!!!!!!
So far, we have:

Anya - 15w3d
Maria- 15w
Aweeonetolove- 14weeks

Everyone else I believe is in 14-15 weeks as well!!
Let's continue our conversations in this thread from now on :)
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Hi Girls,
I am back on my regular exercise now and I also do prenatal yoga once a week, I love it.
The exercise seems help my nausea, and I feel great after it is done.  So highly recommended some mild exercise, turst me it makes you feel good.
I am going to meet my dr. tomorrow and I will know more details on my second u/s, and the technician did not tell me anything when she did it.

Anya, Aweeonetolove- I have lower back pain as well, it always on and off, and it mostly happens on my right side. Also, Anya, I felt the same that when I am sleeping, I'd like to coming back on my back instead of on my left side. Will this harmful the baby? as you said we are suppose not to sleep on our back.
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I answered you in the old thread :0)
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Anya-Nice to see the new thread. Its amazing how quickly they get filled up. Well the test I am getting done is Quad screening. I gave a search on the internet and it said it covers AFP screening too. I also read that there are chances of getting false positives. Another added tension.  You it right.. I am 15 weeks today. I go for my regular OB appointment on Feb 11th. I don't know when my next u/s is going to be. Have to talk to talk to the doctor about that.
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O.K., as long as it covers AFP :) I am sure we are fine!!! Don't worry too much, my doc said, if he won't call me within 7 days, I am fine :) So , 5 more days to go for me!
Honestly, unless you specify on the phone while making a regular appointment that you are not only coming to see the doc but have an ANATOMY scan done, they won't do it I don't think...that's why I changed my appt to 20 weeks so they can do both at the same time...maybe you should do the same? Just another week and you will have urine, heartbeat, and will know the gender same day!!!
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HI All,

I'm so looking forward to my appt on the 2nd.  I'll be 17 wks and 5 days by then, but we aren't going to find out the sex.  We want to be surprised!  So today sucked.  I had a headache all day and could barely work.  I actually left early since I was useless.  I got super dizzy bending down to grab a folder and then was dizzy for a good 5 min coming off the elevator.  I just came home and fell asleep for 2 hours.  Im better now but am still in super lazy mode.  Is this normal?????  

I have to say too that I've been worrying about baby lately.  I don't know why.  We went to the doctor on 12/31 and got to hear the heartbeat again but haven't had an u/s since week 10.  I think I'm just being paranoid.  :(
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Hello sweety,
It is completely normal to have headechs and being dizzy, that's just a part of being pregnant...I too start getting frequent headechs lately, that go away after I sleep usually...plus you will get tired many more times, so just hang in there!  I have been experiencing pains in my low abdomen and sometimes they are pretty noticeable! Hopefully my little one is growing there :)
Wow, sweet, you will get your appt soon, don't worry, your little one is doing great!
I bought a doppler so I would hear baby's heart everyday, that way I don't drive myself insane!!
I see that my stomach got a little bigger, but still, it looks like I am fat and I don't think all of it is my uterus and the baby...
Also, for the first time yesterday, I was able to find my baby's heart a little above my pubic area, which means that he is moving up, hopefully !!!!! :)

Im still working on gaining weight ......
Let us know how everything goes!
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Hi All,
   How is everyone doing. Today will be my last antibiotic for UTI. I hope in the next urine test they say everything is normal. My tummy is still flabby but still have the little baby bump above pelvis.

Zuz- I too get dizzy and am having frequent headaches. Avoid bending your head and lifting it too quick. Also don't stand for longer period of times. Don't worry too much about the baby, he/she is doing fine. When you are at the OB ask when you can get an u/s. I am in two minds to find out baby's sex. But my hubby wants to know the sex. My OB's office is yet to call me with my next u/s appointment.

Anya-Isn't it nice to hear your baby's heart beat everyday?  My stomach is bigger too and its all flabby.I stopped wearing my regular pants long back. Thanks to bloating because of hyper stimulation, my stomach is shapeless now.. hahaha.  I have few maternity pants that I bought during my first pregnancy and I am using them.

I hope everyone else is doing fine. everyone staying in the cold zone stay warm... its freezing today.
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Hey ladies.....I'm 13 wks and 4 days pg. Can I be added to the list too? Best wishes to everyone on here!

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hello ladies, can i join this thread? i am 20 weeks today so definately in the 2nd trimester...lol

headaches i think are completely normal although very irritating and annoying. i wake up most mornings with a low grade headache, although i think most of it is caused by stress, as i have been majorly stressed over finances,and lack of movements,ect... BUT i am sure i felt baby for sure this morning before getting out of bed...3 definate thumps in the same spot, only seconds apart.  yay....

does anyone have any appts to find out gender soon? i went in for anatomy scan Jan 6th, and they werent able to see for sure.  and so i go in for a second chance scan at my next appt....feb 11. hopefully they can tell then.  

sorry for going on and on....but good luck to all, and here's to healthy and happy pregnancies and babies.
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Hey Ladies,
Well, my first appointment with the midwives was amazing. I love their attitude.  It is so different than my Doctors.  They told me that I might not begin showing until I'm five months because of my build.  But I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it's earlier.  I finally got to hear my little one's heart beat. Although, it was so active that it kept moving away from the doppler.  The best part is that the midwife in training is a lovely acquaintance from my social circles.  She's such a sweety and it will be lovely to have someone I somewhat know present at all the appointments. I get to find out the sex either Feb. 20th or Feb 23rd.  (Depending if the ultrasound clinic will tell me).  I can't wait!!!  
Dreamgirl ~ I'm doing prenatal yoga too. I go to a class once a week (the teacher's not that great but it's lovely to be in a room full of big bellies) and practice yoga at home five days a week.  In addition, I'm back to walking my normal amount each day (1.5-4 hours).  All this exercise definitely makes me feel better.  And the yoga is helping with my lower back pain. Don't you just love it!

Anya and Dreamgirl ~ I was so worried about rolling onto my back at night as well.  I talked to my midwife about it and she showed told me that as long as I'm not sleeping in that position the entire night, it is fine.  She told me it is more important to try to sleep comfortably with little anxiety and that tossing, turning and ending up on your back for a while is pretty common during pregnancy because we are constantly negotiating our changing body's sleep habits.  Oh! And Anya, I just started experiencing those stretching pains (more severely than before) ~ hopefully our little one's are growing so that we can see them pop out our bellies sooner than later.

Maria ~ Good luck with your Quad tests and your decision on whether or not to find out the sex of your baby.  I'm going to find out the sex but only because I'm a wimp who cannot handle surprises (The baby is going to be enough of a surprise for me as it is).  It's been a cold week here too!  Yikes.  Yesterday I had to get all bundled up like a kid with snowpants just to walk into my downtown ~ But it was kind of fun.  Hope you stay safe and warm too!

Zuz ~ I'm sure your little one is doing just fine.  They are already doing their job as a child and giving you bad headaches!  I've only heard the heartbeat once.  Pretty soon, you'll be feeling your little one kicking and moving around daily. I'm sure that will be so very reassuring. If your headaches are that bad, maybe you should consider talking to your Doctor about taking Tylenol once in a while.  Through Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, there is an ongoing study of medications that are okay to take during pregnancy.  Especially medications that help to relieve pregnancy symptoms (headaches, nausea, constipation, etc). The group is called MotherRisk and they are world-renowned as one of the best study groups surrounding this topic.  This is partially because their study is not funded by a pharmaceutical company, so they don't benefit from saying certain drugs are okay.  Anyways, their studies have shown that occasional use of Advil and/or Tylenol is okay.  Here is their link: http://www.motherisk.org/women/index.jsp  You can also phone them if you have any questions.  My doctor gave me their number when I first got pregnant.  I just don't want you suffering through such massive headaches.  I get them once in a while but nowhere near as bad as you describe.  Other than that, I can't help but to be lazy sometimes.  Just enjoy the laziness.  None of us will be able to afford such laziness come summer.

Armyprincess ~ Welcome!

Joyce ~ Welcome and congratulations on making it to the halfway mark!  Good luck on your next scan.
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Maria and Anya, thanks so much for the reassurance.  I know I'm probably worrying about nothing!  But I guess I have to have to my moments too.  My next ultrasound is Feb 2.  I'm counting down the days!  Maria we'll be 17 wks and 5 days by then! Woo hoo! We've decided not to find out the sex of the baby.  We want a tightly packaged gift from God. My two pregnant cousins have been trying fiercely to make us find out. It's so funny because no matter what they say, we still say no!  hehe.   I'm sure its tough for you if hubby wants to know and your iffy. I couldn't imagine that! Its perfectly fine either way but I'm sure you guys are going to have to come to an agreement because if he knows, then you're going to want to know!  I'm so happy to hear that your UTI is pretty much gone.  Thank God its simple things (although I'm sure they are scary and annoying!) that have happened and nothing very major.  I agree with you guys, my tummy is starting to look flabby, not pregnant yet!  I can still wear most of my pants but I loop a hair tie in the button area because they are starting to get tight near my tummy!  I've learned that whenever anything is too tight, I feel ill.  So I'm very happy that leggings and long, flowy shirts are in right now!  haha!  Oh, and Anya, I wish you were near me so I could borrow your doppler for a minute!!  :)

Hello ArmyPrincess, Welcome!  

Hello Joyce49788!  That is so exciting about feeling the baby!!  Is this your first?

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aweeonetolove, that is so awesome about your appt!  Didn't you just love the sound of the heartbeat?  It's beautiful!  Congrats!  I hear you on the frigid temps.  When I got into my car yesterday morning, the temp gage read -12 degrees!  Yes that a minus sign!!!  It hurts to breathe it in.  You are a brave to go out into that!  :)  I'm thinking my headache had a little something to do with my dentist appt the day before.  It was traumatizing.  But a hot shower and a nap really helped.  I'm too scared to take any meds other than my prenatal pills and Tums!  I think I became very paranoid after my miscarriage. :(  Thank God my headaches don't happen that often so I can take the pain once in a while.  Thanks for all the info though!

I had the exact same problem sleeping!  I woke up so early today because I was tired of being in a half asleep mode all night.  I was too aware of how much I was moving while I was sleeping (or half sleeping!) Needless  to say, I see a nap in my future....
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